F*ck it, I'm growing.

Discussion in 'General' started by La Chimney, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. (Quick note, I wasn't sure if I could curse in the title so I censored it.)

    Does anyone here grow and sell to dispensaries? I'd really like to be able to grow and sell, not as a living, but as a side job. I love marijuana, not just because it gets me high, everything about it. If I could produce potent, safe, organic bud and sell it to those who want and need it, I'd be a very happy man.:D
  2. I know here in CO its not legit for patient grows to sell to dispensaries... unless something has changed... not 100% hahaha

    But i hear in the twilight zone the weed laws are pretty legit hehehehehehehehehe
  3. do you have any experience?

    this is not something you can just jump in to.
  4. do what you gotta do my man...i wish i could grow...but i wouldnt work for me at this point in time...someday
  5. I don't have experience, but I plan on getting it along the way. I'll obviously go through ups and downs while growing, but I gotta learn to do it the right way. It's pot, there's no cutting-corners allowed.

  6. Yes. In the Twilight Zone it's actually frowned upon to be carrying less than 1/8 on your person at all times.:metal:
  7. The CIA are the ones who import and distribute the weed in order to support the Prison/Military Industrial Complex.

    Merchants of War.

  8. A random semi relevant piece of info, brought to you by: Sunny Jim

  9. Better jump on it. A grow can take anywhere from 2 to 5 months. And you won't get the full experience from a single grow. So it can take a year or more before you master growing organic.
  10. You have to have a caregivers license in order to do that.also obviously need a regular license to smoke it. Then most clubs will say o they don't need it..but one day from your dank batch cruise in and leery then sample it.if they like it they'll ask for more..if not..you might get yelled at lol for trying to still nugs to a club
  11. I was thinking about growing too, man.
    I tried once a few years ago and failed hard. I'd wanna do it indoor next time.
    Good luck! :wave:

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