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F*ck It I Give Up!!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DonovanMcSwagg, May 25, 2010.

  1. So I recently started smoking again and my main dealer recently started selling ONLY yay and now his phone is completely shut off with no way to reach him. So I reached out to a few former associates and even a co worker to see if they'd be able to help me in my quest for bud; most of them gave me the run around and in the end still no bud:mad: So I did what I thought would be a normal thing and went to the streets cruising around asking people if they smoke and if they could help me get something.. First I went to the spot where cats are selling bootleg dvds and cds, most said "NO" but I even had one say yea and he took my number but never called back at:mad:.. So then I came on here and saw to try a skate park and thought that was an excellent idea, I get to the local skate park on saturday and its a bunch of 7 yr olds skating:mad: Also a few days before that I seen a stoner looking guy walking down the street and asked him if he had a weed hook up, he said yea took my number down and then whenever I texted him he never replied, fianlly he did a day ago when I called one last time and he said "How do I know your not a cop and how do you know Im not a cop and said it was poor judgement on his part to even talk to me", He had a real bitch attitude with how he was so I told him to forget it I dont like your attitude..............SO HERE I AM A WEEK LATER STILL NO BUD

  2. hit up some colleges or look for people smoking cigs at a high school, these are always good places to look. I dono what to tell you other than that because I've always had a bud hook up and probably always will.
  3. Grow your own.

    All your problems will be solved.
  4. Look for the more Thugish looking people,they are into rap music and weed and rap goes hand an hand :cool:
  5. start growing

    or start skiing, if you're picking up what i'm putting down :)

    but asking random people probably isn't a good idea man. I don't blame the first dude for ignoring you, and I don't blame the second guy for not hooking you up.

    Do you have friends who smoke? Ask them about their dealer and if they can set you up with the dude.
  6. Don't go in the hood if you aren't from there, let alone try ask someone for something. They'll know.

    Don't look so hard, and it'll come to you. The harder you look, the more you will fail and get mad. It seems like it wouldn't work, but when I was looking for dank I could never find it. Finally I settled for mids and now almost all of my connects get high quality, some only sell high quality which is annoying cause I ain't ballin' :(

  7. *Sniff* *Sniff* do y'all smell that?? I smell pussy :p :laughing::p
  8. Im in the Chicago burbs, So I really dont go into a spot that Idk too well to begin with
  9. I dont get that I went in the grasscity "Where to find a dealer" thread and everyones advice was to ask people that look like that might be involved with weed so I did.. Also I dont care that they DONT sell to me because thats there choice 100% but dont take my number and gimmie yours and then just bullshit its a waste of mine and your time..
  10. #10 EvoMan454, May 25, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 25, 2010
    No sorry I live in the hood, and I'm making sure OP doesn't end up hurt, or robbed, or whatever.

    He lives in Chicago as I do, and shit has gotten crazy here. I'm just trying to look after another person, and keep them from getting hurt honestly. If that means you call me a pussy, I'll wear that title knowing i potentially helped someone from getting hurt.
  11. Im newer to the area so I dont have a lot of connects, I had some black kid that lives by me tell me he gets dank so I was like "STRAIIIGHT:hello:" I get over there to check the sack and I kid you not this has gotta be the smallest sack Ive ever seen, had to have been a nick bag and on top of that the shit look like shit all brown and I couldnt even smell the weed through the bag but wen I get from my usal guy the baggie will be stinkin up my whole car ALSO there was mad stems and seeds in it so I told him Im good and Ill get back to him if I want and I never did
  12. look just go to your local skatepark. but dont go on a saturday at like noon cause thats when all the little kids are there. try like a friday night and go lurk up there and talk to the older people up there. they will mostly know whats up.

  13. Really? Get killed over a weed??maybe coke,but weed?? those are some scummy ass people.I pretty sure you'll be ok as long as your not dressing in any 1 color schemed clothing.
  14. Dude don't bail on mary jane that quickly. she's playing coy, and if you really want her you have to pursue her relentlessly. some of us are blessed with easy access to her gifts, but others, like you, must sometimes travel what seems like endless stretches of distance and time in order to be with her, only if for a fleeting moment.
    The experience of marijuana is the result of a journey that occasionally takes a while to complete. But march on, my brother, be relentless in your pursuit, and one day you will be reunited with mary jane.
  15. So you were joking about the pussy thing right? :rolleyes:
    I said nothing about being killed over weed. Read my post. If he's not from the hood and he stops to ask them something, and they know he's not from their, they'll fuck with him just because. Then things could escalate, like they always do and usually don't end very well.

  16. well put man...calling him a pussy for telling someone to not go in the hood? fuck off man...i live in jersey and go to school in camden, but i am sure as hell not going to walk the streets of camden asking for weed, because chances are, i am going to get jumped by 4 guys with guns...being smart doesnt make you a pussy, dick... its inevitable...if a white kid goes into the hood alone looking to score bud...chances are he will either be ripped off, beat up, or even killed...the "gangsters" that do this shit are the real pussies...not the kid who wont go into the hood... andd +rep to evo for tryin to help someone out

  17. How gay.
  18. Thats what i was trying to say. Asking for weed says you have money, and if you have money they will do whatever it takes to get it.
  19. I guess the OP isn't gett'n weed :confused_2:
  20. wtf o.0

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