F*ck, guys. I got busted.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Sad Panda, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. I was out in the fucking middle of nowhere, I had gotten lost, so I was turning around my car in a parking lot. I looked up, and a police car was blocking my way out. Ever hopeful, I decided to try to pass by him thinking he must be here for some other reason. He wasn't.

    All it took was one smell inside my car and they had fucking probable cause to search it. They got about one nug worth of weed and some paraphenelia like a pipe, papers, a Futurola...

    So now I'm fucking being charged with possession and fucking trespassing for turning around in the fucking parking lot.

    I need to go to court at 8:30 this morning (it's 4:30 AM now). How fucked am I, guys? Shit, I feel like shit. I hate fucking pussy ass cops who get off on busting people like me. WHO THE FUCK AM I HURTING, pig?! Who am I hurting?

    Fucking assholes.
  2. god that really is shit.....

    I cant really say anything just good luck at court, and ill smoke a j for you later....
  3. good luck dude! that's my worst fear!! but here in ohio it is just a fine for that....no quantity i think u do jail time for over 100 grams...hope its same 4 u peace!! :smoke:
  4. I'm sorry tou got caught, and

    I don't want to rain on your parade.........but

    You have to expect to get caught sooner or later while doing illegal drugs in public..

    Marijuanna is still illegal in the US.

    Again I'm sorry for your troubles...
  5. Bummer---I'll send lots of good karma your way. Hang in there.
  6. Fuck,that is shit.

    This is the exact type of thing that annoys me greatly...pushy fucking cops who think they can do what they want..like fucking hell one nug and some papers and stuff, who were you harming,no one...well except your lungs :p

    Good luck in court and let us know how it goes.
  7. yeah thats just crap...i feel for ya man, a friend of mine got pulled over for not having his left turn signal on in the left turn lane and the cop didnt have probable cause to search cause we never smoked in his car for that very reason...all the cop did was look at his hair (he's got dreds) and they searched and found like half an 8th and his fav pipe...he was on his way to my place, it was fuckin ridiculous!!!! but he was lucky, it was his first offence...i hope you have some good luck man!!
  8. Well, I'm back from court. Luckily, both my parents support me in this mess, so they're helping me out.

    But I have an important question to ask you guys. How much should I fight this? I was NOT smoking in the parking lot I was arrested in, and was just leaving when the cruiser just blocked me in for absolutely no reason. Once they smelled smoke from hours earlier when I rolled down the window, they ordered me to get out of the car and searched me and shit.

    But I think it was illegal for them to pull me over, as I was not doing anything against the law when they did. I just had the misfortune to have about half a gram on me as well as a bunch of paraphenelia.

    I need to decide whether to fight the charges against me, or whether to just suck it up and take probation and random drug (and alcohol!!!!) screenings and let this all go away. It would be amazing if I could get it thrown out of court though. And my parents are willing to help me fight it if I want to.

    The question is, who do I get as a lawyer? The lawyers listed on NORML's website do not include one from my district...does that matter? Is it more important to have a lawyer who has some experience with possession laws but knows the judges, etc., or to have a very knowledgeable NORML lawyer who is a total stranger to my district?
  9. im pretty sure you can have a lawyer form any district come in and defend you, cause if you were caught like in another state, you could have your lowyer come and represent you...other than that, i really cant advise you on waether or not to fight it, it may have been illegal to pull you over, but he could come back that he had "suspicions of illega activity" or some bullshit rhetoric...but i think if you were to get a lawyer, a NORML one would be a good choice, they'd sweat the details so to speak on what the peolice are and arent allowed to do
  10. "I was not doing anything illegal." You were trespassing. And it does suck, but i cant stand it when people talk about "pushy" cops. A lot of cops coudlnt care less about finding pot in your house, but when your driving, you are in a position to hurt other people. so, my only advice for you would be to get a lawyer. I dont tihnk it will be serious or anything, because it was so little pot. Again though, i think people need to start taking responsibility for their actions. You said you felt terrible and everything, so you learned your lesson, dont do it in public. Like bud head said- its still illegal.
  11. wait, hold the fuckin phone...how was he tresspassing? last tim i checked, a parking lot was an acceptable place for cars to be...this cop was abusing his power because if he was following him into the parking lot, he probably could tell that he was lost...regardless of how highly you hold police, they do abuse their power sometimes...and we dont even know what kind of parking lot it was!!

  12. It was a parking lot for a state park. Sure it was too dark to actually go for a walk in the forest, but what fucking law says I can't go in the parking lot? Let me also mention there were no signs saying ANYTHING like "No Trespassing"
  13. dmginc34 you obviously lived a sheltered life didnt you :/
    im not gonna say every cop is an ass but i mean a national park come on

    i think we need to start installing exaust fans in our cars :p

  14. or just drive with the windows down for a little while after we smoke in our cars.

    That sucks that you got busted. I dont know alot of legal shit or anything, but if they had no right to pull you over then you might be able to defend yourself and escape any probation, community service or fines. I know a friend that just got off probation not too long ago, and he had to get drug tests and he siad it really sucked. How long would you have to be on probation for?

  15. I have no idea, but I've heard it's usually a year or some bullshit like that.
  16. sorry for the bad luck. you would think their was something better a cop could do then bust people. a year is how long my friend had prohbation for when he got busted. ill send some karma your way.
  17. I agree, that's bullshit to get busted from turning around in a parking lot. If I saw the cop, and my car smelled like dank, I would've gotten out of my car, not the cop. But it was a state park, after closing hours thats tresspassing. Or after dark. *don't take my word to heart on that, that's just what I've been told time and time again*.

    And smoking out the car going down the road.. *super* bad idea. Even if you didn't hotbox on the road, you should've had enough sense to get the smell out before heading out. And the year probabtion and drug/alcohol testing - that could be so much worse I would not even complain about that. Just make sure to pass your first few test, pay your PO off ASAP like *instant*. They usually stop testing you so much, or all together, if you pass all the previous and pay them off quickly. At least you didn't have an oz or something.. screw misdimener [sp?] thats a straight felony.

    I would be thankfull to have probation.

    Also, some stuff.. called... stuff, or something else that cleans the toxins out, I hear that work good.
  18. if you cant afford a good lawyer then get a public defender, depending on how much money you make will determin how much it costs but shouldnt be much. Also, before you go into court to fight it or anything... get a copy of all the police reports and anything that was filed by the police regarding the case, then look up the laws regarding the trespassing that you were charged with to see if they were in the wrong in stopping or pulling you over.
  19. State park hours include the parking lot dude, you should know that.... and btw, i dont live a "sheltered life" And i woudl really like for you to explain to me how you think he was abusing his power. I know they do, ive seen it happen but this situation jsut doesnt seem liek it to me. Put it together- if you were a cop, saw a kid turning around in a parking lot int he middle of nowhere, most of them pull you over. ANd you dont know what he was pulling him over for. And when he got to the window, he smelled dank. Game over. Look, regardless of how gay i sound, bottom line is either keep febreze in your car and smoke with the windows down, or dont do it in the car, cause its a surefire way to get busted.

  20. If you get out of your car when the cop pulls you over, especially at night, hes going to whip out his gun and tell you to get on the ground and put your hands on your head. He has no idea why youre getting out of your car, and he doesnt want to wait to find out.

    Never get out of your car, or reach for anything in the glove compartment until the cop tells you to do so, or hes going to do some serious shit.

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