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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by guyverman, Feb 22, 2009.

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    wut is the absolute eziest to grow, 100% indica, outdoor strain would b?
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    Depends on your climate. Do you get humid/dry days, warm/cold nights, and how long your growing season usually is(From last frost to first frost). Anything with Afghani and Skunk lineage will pretty much thrive anywhere. If you get Afghani and get really humid like around here though I'd check for mold when it gets close to harvest time.
  3. central florida; planning on puttin em into the ground in 3 - 4 weeks. got any specific strains that can take pretty much anything u throw at em and still pack that super indica punch? if anything im more concerned about their resilience over potency, im still learnin outdoor.
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    You should consider Skunk #1 then. It's so hardy it's almost impossible to kill off. With a good water source you can pretty much let it grow unattended. It gives superior yields and a good balance between a body/head high. Be careful where you plant it though, they are called skunk for good reason. They also grow a little taller than most pure indicas. However, a good trick with growing skunk is to get skunk essence at a hunting store and spread it on trees around your grow area(Not too close) so as to keep people and animals away from the site. Remember to prepare yourself with neem oil, I'm sure your neck of the woods gets a lot of insects and parasites.
  5. sweet sounds perfect thx so much, any other strains that r pure couch-lock indica that r as resilient? if u reply with a good one i love u(no homo) :smoking:
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    You could try a Shiva or White Russian grow. They are both VERY potent couchlock strains. Shiva handles humidity better and is more hardy than White Russian, which is more prone to mold infection(It's not 100% Indica like Shiva, so the buds don't grow as compact). Do some research to figure out which you would like. Like I said, mostly anything that has skunk in it's lineage will be a resilient strain. Make sure it's bred for outdoors. Just remember, the longer you let it mature, the more couchlock the high will be. Get a good magnifying glass and look up a guide on maturation of trichromes.
  7. wow didnt know bout the couch-lock improving with maturation; but then again it becomes more potent overall the longer u let it mature and i knew that, but yea i still think im in love.......;)

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