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ez wider double wide?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushSmokaa, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. i just picked up a pack, and they are like square papers...kinda pisses me off because thats alot harder to roll right?

    are they harder to roll because there bigger and im not to good at rolling to begin with and it seems like more paper = harder to roll.

    i think im just gonna rip a little bit off, but if i didnt and had a lot of paper [on the joint] would it burn slower therefore give me thicker smoke/get me higher? thanks
  2. I don't smoke papers, but i was just creepin and if you do wanna do somethin to the papers, don't rip the paper off just cut it.
  3. ya i would cut it lol, but i wanted someone to answer my questions but thanks :smoke:
  4. Yeah dude I have ez-wider double wides, and I use them when I want to roll a fat fatty, or a really long one by creating a massive cone. Just rip off half of it if you're trying to roll a normal j and you should be fine.
  5. half? as in rip down the middle and then re fold the one side? i was thinking more of just ripping off half of one side (theres 2 parts, seperated by the fold and taking off a little less then half off one side)

    sorry if this is what you meant and i mis understood.
  6. No like cut off half of the width. So you have the glue side on your left and the paper side on your right. Take your scissors and cut down the middle. You now have one normal sized joint paper.
  7. really? does "double wide" mean that it is double the width of normal papers? so its like 2 papers stuck together? i assumed it just meant it was a little bigger
  8. *bump* im about to roll up a joint and wanna know what to do.
  9. It's no harder to roll with double wides then it is with any other papers. If you think it's too big, cut it down in size.
  10. Double wide is meant for thicker rolls... If you roll obese jays then double wides are for you.
  11. EZ Widers Dubble wides. The glue is at the top. the crease is in the middle. fold up the bottom to meat the middle, Crease, LIck crease lightly. tear off bottom of Paper. NOW Roll.

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