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  1. So I've decided to post this in here not so much because I'm a beginner but more because I believe it's a beginner problem.
    Its something I've never dealt with before and I've tried so many different things and I've now chucked about 1300 quid at it and I'm getting nowhere fast and just wondered if anyone has any suggestions?.

    Oh and I'm sorry for the long one haha.

    So basically high temp is the problem.

    A little background.
    I've done many runs before with better results every time but stopped for a few years moved house etc. So I bought all new gear as follows.

    3m x 2m x 2m gorilla tent.
    4 x 600w omega disable ballast with super lumens
    4 x dual spectrum hps 600w bulbs (Can't remember brand off top of my head)
    Full mills nutrition nute range. A b c start vitalise sugar rush
    Ph up and down
    Cal mag
    Mills DNA coco with cork with a small amount of guano in each pot. Some perlite and a few clay balls as well (old mixture I used to use that never failed me).
    3 small 8 inch fans and one 14 inch oscillating fan.
    I've got a vortex acoustic extraction fan 8inch 1380m3
    6 inch rvk
    4 inch rvk
    Ducts of every size I need.
    Clamps blah blah.
    2 8 inch rhinos with fresh carbon
    I have a full pumped ro system so make water as I need it.
    I've got 4 different temperature devices 1 has humidity. For clarity.
    And the room is 2 ft wider in each dimension than the tent itself.
    House ambient is 20 c atm the room ambient is 24.8 c.

    So after setting up on standard ballasts and getting it all ready temp was off the charts 40 something c. So I upgraded to 6 inch out and 4 inch in so I'd got cold air in from outside and warm air out in a diff place. Managed to get me to 41.
    So I got the new ballasts. That saw me 38 degrees.
    So the next move was to move all the ballast s and fans into the loft space and extend all the cables so that there heat was away from the room.
    That made no difference what so ever. Lol.
    So the next thing I did was go and buy the vortex 8inch. Some hard-core suction on that thing and it's dead quiet...
    So hook that up with some 8 inch duct.
    Still at 38. How does that even happen??? Opened up some more vents still no cooler.
    So I spent another 300 odd quid on some cool tubes and more duct. I have tried every way of piping it without drilling more 6 inch holes in the house, positive pressure, negative pressure. Every thing blowing out. U name it ive tried it but no matter what I do I just cannot get the bastard thing below 35 degrees with all 4 lights on. With only 2 lights on it sits at 29 c.

    I have 16 sour diesel that are 2 weeks in veg from cuts and they don't look great tbh and defo are struggling with the heat. I've added some water to the trays to raise humidity and water from beneath until I solve the problem but I don't want to switch em into flower until it's under control.

    No windows to use so i have to use the loft space to vent out of and into but I do have a cold air feed in a cut into a wall to the outside with a vent on.

    I'm measuring temp at floor level, at soil level not near the pot, at 3/4 height, at the roof and outside and I don't really get much variation between them at all which I did find odd...

    Cold air is directed at the floor and I've tried directing it into one of the fans that are scattered abiut the room no difference with either.

    All my duct runs are as straight and short as they can be with the gentler curves/bends I can manage.

    I've tried with the carbon on the end of 2 cool tubes in a run and a y so 2 x series of 2 6inch going into the 8inch extraction.
    I've also tried them open ended pulling in fresh air and blowing that out with the 6 inch extracting the hot air thru 1 carbon and the passive ducts open on the bottom of the tent.
    I've also tried both ways with additional vents in.
    I've tried blowing cold air in from outside and pushing out through carbon into the room

    All of these I ended up with the same temp so I bought a new thermometer because I thought that was out but it's not.

    Think that shud about cover it if there is anything I missed please ask away. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I could use vitalink chill but it seems to be something simpler to solve it.

    Do I have enough vents in open? Is there something I've missed?

    I'm stumped. And I've pissed about with it that much I can't even remember which way was most efficient any more.

    Anyway enough of the rant.
    Any help ya maybe able to give us would be greatly appreciated. These ladies are for me personally but ultimately i intend on growing some other strains to help out my mother who has cancer.

    Cheers lads n ladies.
  2. Was too long for me to read bro, but from what I did read you have temp problems .. i guess if you have tried all that stuff with no luck the next thing to is get an air conditioner and put it either outside the tent and make the room nice and cold and suck the air in... Or I think I have seen people put a portable one inside the tent..(could be wrong) peace...
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  3. And I didn't mean to be rude - I just woke up lol
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  4. Yeah man I hear ya I don't normally do that but all you get is the questions that that is the answers too lol.
  5. I tried a portable a.c. an 8000btu in the room and also in the tent but for the amount of noise it made the 1 degree wasn't worth the money.
    I'm sat with all 4 lights on at 35 how it's set up now.
  6. That's really odd that it's not cooling it down! And the amount of lights you have for the tent don't seem to excessive.. :/
  7. So how many lights would you run in a tent that size? It's 10 ft x 7ft x 7ft give or take...

    I've always gone with 1 x 600w per 4 plants. Which is how I've set it up this time.

    Its currently at 33 all 4 lights on cooltubes and ballasts at 400w.
  8. My guess is it's the cool tubes. I use an air cooled hood that's almost sealed. A little bit of air leaks at the corners but that's it. I can touch the outside of the hood with my 1000 watt HPS light on and it's barely warm to the touch. Most of the heat gets blew outside by my fan. When my carbon filter gets stopped up I can tell because my temps go up and the outside of my hood gets warmer. I've always heard that an air cooled hood is a lot cooler than a cool tube. You've got 4, 600 watt HPS bulbs going at once?
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  9. I started out with gullwing reflectors and open bulbs 40 odd degrees. Lol. Then I tried The closed hoods. They caused more heat due to there size inside The room it was just heating it up further. So I bought cool tubes and that's got me lowest so far. It's been 31 all day. 33 for about and hour and now it's 30. I'll see about 24 tonight when the lights go out.
    The cool tubes were added to lower the temps.
    Atm they are totally sealed so all the air that passes them goes out the room the tents in. It comes from outside going thru all 4 tubes then back outside.
    I've got spare cfs lol.
    Yeah man.
    I've got 4 sets of 4 plants 1 light above each. That's how I've always done it. Never got this high temp though.
    Would you use less light?
    Bare in mind cost of electric source doesn't matter.
  10. Oh and all 4 tubes are not even like warm to the touch
  11. Maybe you do need AC. Lol
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  12. I tried a.c. and it literally did nothing and it wasn't a cheap shit one either.
    I'm so baffled at this point I just do t know what to do. I mean I can't see 3 x 600w covering 16 medium to large plants no way.
  13. [​IMG]
    8 on each side. Vent runs are short at possible.
  14. Well the irony is it came back right on it's own. I dunno what was going off. I've considered I may have had the door open to much not allowing it to pull the hot air away efficiently where as now it's just top up and check I don't do a lot to them really

    My latest creation...SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
  15. And now in the middle of all these crazy plants growing like weeds there is one floppy lady. All horribly floppy and wilty not sure what's gone off there. I may have accidentally given it to shots of water but every other plant if thriving including the new ones so it's proper thrown me. Pic when lights come on later if anyone has any ideas???
    The main stem is the only thing upright the rest is downward facing lol

    My latest creation...SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
  16. ok that first post was playing with my dyslexia a bit but temp problems can be an issue with 4 600w hps but have you tried to use a cool tube with them??

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