Eyes rolling to the back of my head.

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  1. Last night, I consumed a yellow puma which tested out to be MDMA high and about a quarter of a water bottle of jack daniels,. I never felt sick at all, people all around me who didn't mix ironically were the ones throwing up harhar. But later on during the night, I couldn't control my eyes, and they would keep rolling to the back of my head every 10 seconds. Were these just really intense eye wiggles, or a result of the combination of MDMA and alcohol?
  2. I had yellow pumas a few months ago and rolled face.

    I remember the same thing happening my friend kept commenting on it.
  3. THose would be the eye wiggles :D Whenever I take a large dose of molly, or get some REALLY good rolls mine do the same thing. Kinda scary if you don't know what it is, but at the same time, realllyy funny to freak your buddies out with lmao! Glad to hear you had a goooood time rollin tho! :wave:
  4. Sounds like a good ass roll. Eye wiggles are the shit.
  5. Yeah, your eyes do that when you are rolling balls haha.
  6. yea bro its normal
  7. i belive thats why they call it ROLLING.
  8. i was supposed to roll last night, since the warden boyfriend deemed it so, but then the deal fell through like all last minute deals do. story of my goddamn life.
  9. ive been on the lookout for those, u find em in cali or teh island? 516 here
  10. those yellow pumas are around the new england area pretty heavily and very very bomb rolls !
  11. haha ya just like everyone else said its normal...sometimes u dont even notice it...damn i gotta get me some rolls...been about 6 weeks now...i dont care what kinda roll it is...as long as its a clean one haha
  12. Isn't MDMA combined with alcohol kind of dangerous?

  13. yes...its stupid...cuz alcohol dehydrates you...while rolling ur supposed to drink a lot of water and alchol is the exact opposite...i dont understand why people drink and roll...its stupid and if ur already completely fucked up whats a little bit of alcohol gonna do to you...pretty much nothing (nothing good at least)
  14. I thought so...I remember doing research and reading about it.
  15. As long as you drink enough water to compensate, about 32 ounces within a 2-3 hour period your fine.
    Both doses were too low to be a lethal combination. It would have become more dangerous if I had drank more or ate more than 1 pill.

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