Eyes of a Feline.

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. No joke. I'm stoned as hell thanks to a buddy. Just about to lay down on my bed to sleep. When I see this spot that wasn't part of the sheet design. I turn on the light. A fuckin' brown recluse. Grabbed my sandal and squashed the fucker.

    I had a buddy senior year in high school was nailed by a recluse on his leg. Nasty stuff. Just rotting flesh.

    Luckily, my weed sense of keen observation of mundane detail kicked in and spotted the venomous fiend. :smoke:
  2. *shudders*

    God i hate those things
  3. good shit not getting bit by a snake. that would kill anyoneS high. It hasnt happen to me with a snake but i have cought spiders. Some big black ones(not black widow) and they look ugly as fuck. i just try to pick em up with a sheet of paper and launch em outside to the point of no return. Our cat kills most of the bugs tho haha we call him "the lil exterminator" and a buncha other nicknames. BUT GOOD SHIT

    go home team!
  4. fuck thats like my worst nightmare. never seen or been bitten but i know they are around... waiting. good eye my friend
  5. I really know what they look like too. Not jumping to conclusions. My mom was bitten by one. Plus, our town in North Carolina, seem to have had a high population of brown recluses. So, we were well taught of what they look like.

    I'm so happy, I didn't curl up the blanket and have him cuddled against my chest...

  6. I don't do well with snakes, spiders, and scorpions. If I saw a damn snake on my bed I would go ape shit, plain and simple.
  7. I would have killed it, ran from the room screaming, and slept on the couch. Yikes! :eek:
  8. dam that was a spider on your bed lol all this time i thought it was a snake. cant blame a stoner
  9. Holy damn. I've seen the results of those, and I'm glad I've never stayed in a state for any real amout of time that has them more than rarely.
    Weed, smoke it. It saves your lives.
  10. fuck spiders, absolutly hate them. Big or small, i smush em all.
  11. Haha, my dog is the same way. He eats them, poisionus or not. Are dogs immune to the poison? Or do when you injest spiders there vemon doesnt harm you?
  12. Shit man, I was sweepin the floor earlier not paying much attention and a peice of 'dirt' start running the fuck away.

    A fuckin huge spider.

    Fuck them things.
  13. my kitten kills everything thats why when it comes down to spiders in my room the kitten is always there for me.
  14. Im with you man.. excpet i usually blast them off the wall with some CO2 from my BB gun, the pressure kills them or atleast stuns em long enough for my to kill it, same with flies and masquitos.
  15. My pops almost had to get his leg amputated cause of one.
  16. :eek:

    Yikes man.

    For anyone who doesn't know about their bites here are some images of a person who was bitten- WARNING GRAPHIC

    After 3 days:


    After 5 days:


    After 9 days:


    After 10 days:


    All because of:


    Visit this site if you want to see more photos:
  17. Since moving from the north to the desert last year I've had to get aquainted with f**** scorpions. The picture below I caught in our bedroom, last night I killed a tiny baby one on our bedroom wall, and last week I was drying off my face with my bath towel and felt something on my arm, so assuming the worst, I shook my arm, I look down and a scorpion's running across the floor. We've killed probably 7 in house the last year, and 3 of them in the last few weeks. The real pisser is we pay $25 a month for an exterminator who's crap is supposed to kill scorpions, I think he may be spraying water. :rolleyes: Haven't been stung yet, but I'd rather that, then a brown recluse bite.

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  18. Willydog, keep some whiskey around, and if you see one, drip some on it. They'll go nuts and sting themselves and die. Bomb.
  19. Thats of waste of whiskey man. :smoke:
  20. Atleast that wasn't on my bed:

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