eyes hard to open after bong rip

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  1. so ive been smoking every day for a few years now and never had this happen to me before.
    After i rip my bong I exhale and about 15 seconds later my eyes start to water ,and close as if im staring into the sun in the morning. It sounds like a great problem to have but honestly its kinda annoying when im trying to watch tv or play a game.
    i can already see comments saying it's probably better weed than you've had before but im just asking to see if this happens to anyone else?
    Just bong rips too, when i smoke my bowl or joints it won't happen.
  2. Bong rips are a more instantaneous and powerful high, where as a bowl/joint/vape hit is a more controlled and stable high.

    At least with me that is..

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  3. try drinking 5 red bulls
  4. Never happened to me before personally. Also I would recommend not drinking 5 Red Bulls.

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  5. lol i wont be drinking 1 redbull.
    Maybe its because i only smoked out of regular bongs before and i just recently got a double perc but who knows
  6. That's really weird, maybe there's something wrong with your eyes, like irritation that acts up.
  7. You must be doing something right.
    My first kief cone from a bong nearly knocked me out. My vision went dark, blurry and purple for a few seconds and when I recovered, I was high as fuck.
  8. hahaha yea im not complainin about the high after
  9. I used to sew my eyes open with an anchor weight, needle and thread. I would squirt an entire bottle of visine in each eye. Then I was good to go.
  10. You're just BAKED son, enjoy. :bongin:
  11. maybe you are getting smoke from the bong into your eyes
  12. its cool man. i think i know what you're talking about with the eyes. my eyes are sensitive as fuck, like somedays i can't even walk down the street w/ out sunglasses just because its too bright. they get super watery and i have to shut them or i'm pretty sure i'll go blind and never see again

    happens if i play videogames for too long too..

    i don't think its the weed, i think we just have bitchass eyes cuhhh
    I've learned to go just with it & use the force
  14. haha maybe, do u have blue eyes?
  15. i have green eyes that like to be blue somedays.

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