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Eyes changing colour while high!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PermanentlyHigh, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, Since I've started toking at home, I've realised my eyes change colour!
    Normally, my eyes are a boring, plain brown. But 10 minutes into my high, they turn either golden, hazel, or black. And by black, I mean like my eyes blend in with my pupils. Actually freaks the fuck out of me.
    Anyone else get this? :smoke:
  2. My eyes change to green or gold idk if that's from bud though.. Maybe green though haha

  3. My friends eyes changed from bright green, to a light blue.
    I would sit there for hours watching them slowly change.
    And I no doubt scared him because I was looking at him like a drugged up hyena. at the time.
  4. Never happened to me bro!

    That would be some trippy s^$% !!
  5. I think it might have to do with bloodshot eyes. my reasoning is that i have boring normal brown eyes too normally, BUT when i cry/have allergies/yawn/water in general, they turn lighter and turn more of a hazel color. maybe its some sort of reaction between the red. (btw, my eyes dont get bloodshot when i smoke normally, so i havent noticed if my eyes change when stoned)
    but interesting that it happens to other people as well.
  6. You sure your shit aint laced with acid.. because weed laced with acid sends you on wacky trips. My dealer used to make us take buckets of the stuff when we went to pick up if you dident take a bucket you dident get your weed :L

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