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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazing 420, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. If you put them in after your eyes don't get the effects but if you put them in before do you get the eye effects or not? And what's the best/fastest brand?
  2. I wouldn't take a chance with putting em in earlier rather than after. I use visine usually. Never failed me. :smoke:
  3. But I like the visual effects and I wana know if it better to put them in before
  4. You probably would still get the effects. y don't you try it?
  5. You definitely get the affects if you put them in after. After all, eyedrops are supposed to cure red eyes and irritation for people who suddenly get red eyes (; lol.
  6. omu I tried these little triangle eye drops with eucalyptus BAD IDEA it made my eyes burn. My friend claims that they are refreshing but not for me :(

    I use clear eyes after. Sometimes my eyes are good sometimes they look like they are about to bleed

  7. Yeah my friend says they are like liquid heaven, quote unquote lol. And since my parents are getting red eyes from allergies I'm blaming pollen (;
  8. eyedrops work just as well if you put them in prior to smoking. they just constrict the blood vessels in your eyes, and once they're constricted by the chemical it's not like they'll be un-constricted :p

    if you're not seeing results, put them in, tilt your head back a little and hold your eyes closed for a couple minutes to let them work

  9. lol if i forget my eyedrops when im around my parents or school or somthing i go in itching my eyes like a pro lmao
  10. Anyone with sensitive eyes..use rohto( cool). Visine burns my eyes too much. You can get it anywhere( rite aid/cvs/etc). Stuff works great, gives them a cool feeling and then pure white.
  11. Anytime i use eye-drops I always put them in before, and it works like a charm.
  12. You will still get red eyes if you put it in before hand. The visine just clears the redness, it doesn't stay on your eyes.
  13. Been looking for these rohtos but can't find em at any of the stores by me
  14. i heard i drops are bad for your eyes and i put them in before and after if i need to
  15. Most eyedrops are bad for your eyes, but the rohto is real pure...only thing I've come across that I can use( have occular rosecea so my eyes are very sensitive, pain in the ass).

    alwaysdown, they should be at any drug store..never really did any research about where they are at since I've found them pretty easily. You try walmart?
  16. Do yourself a favor and get rhoto v ice (silver cap). Not only cures red eye but also ch-ink eye.

  17. Walgreens and i believe walmart.
  18. visine works just fine 4 me..
  19. Visine whitewashes those fuckers...

  20. HAHAHA I've done that before. Or I've said I'm tired.

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