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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LemonStoned, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. How many parents will link eyedrops to smoking? I left mine on my desk last night after smoking, and am not sure if anyone saw it, but if they did, think they'll make anything from it?

  2. just tell them that it's almost fall, your allergies are acting up, and you had itchy eyes. seriously, not that difficult know, give an excuse within the bounds of what eyedrops are normally used for
  3. Alright, thanks man.
  4. That depends on your parents, I was at a friends house and his mom walked into my friends room with his bowl, and an eighth of dank and told him that if he keeps on smoking tobacco he is going to get lung cancer haha.

    But my dad used to be a stoner himself so if i left a bottle of visine on my desk he would definitely know.

    Just make up an excuse if they saw. also you might want to try finding a small box and filling it with all your smoking supplies and have that in a really good hiding spot. that way you remember to put everything away right after you smoke, works for me.
  5. eye drops kill your buzz. I water them down a bit (works)

    Excuse: my eyes where bothering me this morning so i took a couple drops.
  6. Well, I don't really wear eye drops because my eyes get red, it's just more comfortable.
  7. These excuses just don't cut it anymore
  8. I was going to say: "Rhoto-V in the green box /thread"

    But, this thread looks hilarious to me I laughed and laughed. Thank you for this, made my day.

    "Those excuses just don't cut it anymore"
  9. heh, i wear contacts, so eyedrops are just part of the gig! Of course..i don't live with my parents, and my girl smokes with me, so i ain't got shit to hide lol.

    Also...i suggest a coke can safe. You can keep your drops in the safe, and have that can of coke right beside your computer. Thats a totally normal thing, so long as mommy doesn't come clean your room for you and try to throw away your "can" hah!
  10. If your concerned don't leave your eyedrops out again.

    If for some reason your parents were to call you out on it say they were your friends, or that your eyes were bothering you so you got some eyedrops.

  11. dude there just eyedrops..

    all you need to say is that your eyes are dry. your just being a paranoid crackhead
  12. it really just depends on if they have ever suspected you of smoking pot?
  13. Dont leave them out for your parents to see?
  14. Parents don't tend to want to know if you're smoking pot.. so unless you throw it in their face, its probably not a problem. They'll rationalize things for themselves, unless they're hardcore conservative, and if they are, you were fucked before you began.

    Also though man don't be offensive. Respect your parents. I'm sure they do a lot for you and if they really don't want you smoking weed then you can wait until you're out of their house.
  15. If you wear contacts make a big deal out of your eyes being irritated (whether they are or not). You're parents won't say anything if they see eye drops then, especially if you stop bitching.
  16. I've already had this question asked by my parents after they saw it in my car. I just say my alergies are acting up so i have them around.
  17. Ive been smoking about 4 years..but my parents would get su****ious at the sight of ozium, eyedrops, or a lighter..the more time u smoke the more things will make them su****ious..if they care of course

    just be low key
  18. That happened to me once.
  19. dont mind ur eye drops just dont look anyone in the eyes for too long. weed is a good thing not a bad thing i wish everybody that doesnt smoke didnt have the same stereotypes
  20. well we're exposed to anti pot propoganda at like the first grade. 1 in 3 of those kids become smokers and the other 2 become anti weed facists

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