Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. im a smoker but when i toke its usually with friends on weekends... i need some eyedrops since red eyes in school isnt appeling... i want to know how do i use the drops (lke how offten and should i do it before i smoke) is there a certain chemical i should look for? what does everyone else use? thanks
  2. I think there has been a lot of past threads about Cleareyes vs Visine. I get bad red eye once in a while, and I've found Visine A (as in allergy) works better than anything. In less than five minutes my eyes go from solid red to solid white. Seriously, this stuff works. Burns like hell though for about 15 seconds. Cleareyes is a little easier on the eyes, but works nicely too, no real burn.

    I usually put them in a few minutes before I start tokin', cause its hard as f**k to put in eyedrops stoned. Plus the burning feeling is a real buzz kill. Better to get it outa the way first.

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  3. I use cleareyes, because it burns less and seems to work just as good as the anything else, plus its a lot cheaper. Only use eyedrops when you need them though, as they can fuck up your eyes permantely if you use them too much.
  4. my eyes het really red... thats why i need this info bad... my eyes practicly glow red.... so a few mins bfore and i should be ok? and you say clear eyes? thanks the glowing eyes are a dead give away in school
  5. Just take the evedrops after your finished smoking, you'll be fine.
  6. I wear contacts and my eyes can get pretty red at times. Sometimes I use a squirt of Visine Advanced Relief. It's some strong stuff!

  7. yeah i have the same problem with the glowing eyes. i wear contacts and put one drop of Clear Eyes in each eye after a smoke out session and my eyes are good as new. i do this in those before school smoke outs so you should be alright man.
  8. once and a great while i get red eyes, usualy only when i smoke some really good stuff... well i think i use offbrand stuff....wait lemme check.. its called murine tears plus... works good for me, i usualy just use it if i can start to feel the dryness or someone mentions my red eyes... which are usualy always a little bit red..

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