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Eyedrop substitutes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TokeDontSmoke, May 14, 2010.

  1. I always find myself forgetting to bring along or buy eye drops to put in for work. Are there any eye drops substitutes anyone knows about?

    like anything crazy like 2 drops of lemon juice and 1 of honey. of course not literally^^
  2. No. Not at all.
  3. This.

  4. Long term use of tetrahydrozoline hyrdochloride (the active ingredient in most eye drops for redness) isn't recommended. I would suggest just letting your eyes get use to weed, overtime they won't get red.

  5. Not true. Mine get red after 32ish years of smoking. I just don't give a shit if they are red. You can't get arrested for being stoned and I'm self employed these days.

    I use eyedrops for my allergies, that's about all.
  6. cayan pepper actually does wonders for me.

  7. :hello:
  8. Yeah, i heard about this, OP. I've heard about Tabasco sauce working well, too.
  9. lol, damn, just a wish i guess. and yeah, your eyes dont get used to weed :confused:
  10. I just found over the years my eyes got less and less red, or maybe they're just red all the time so I don't notice a difference. :bongin:
  11. Why do the inexperience keep posting threads asking for help, isn't that what the Apprentice smokers sections for...

    But to the OP, I suggest not using eye drops unless they are the artificial tears and not the redness removal ones. Also, stay hydrated otherwise your eyes will not have the moisture they need to stay sufficiently hydrated leading to red, dry eyes.
  12. Yeah everyone's body chemistry is different. My eyes still get a bit red after all these years. Like I said though I couldn't really care less.

  13. Yep, i smoke every day and my eyes get red 95% of the time. Some of my friends use eye drops but I have never been a fan, I've never been paranoid of people so it just wrecks my high to be putting in eye drops and spraying cologne.

    P.S. wearing white V-necks seems to really amp the red eye look, which is awesome when walking into a coffee shop at 1030 asking for quad americano's :D
  14. Lotus honey works really well for red eyes. I dont know if you could find it there. Its available for Rs.20 in India.

    'Extracted' Honey, seperated drop by drop from the mature and uncrushed comb by gravity and duly processed.

    It is specifically efficacious for most of the eye ailments, i.e, granular eyelids, redness, burning in the eyes, painful inflamation, weakness of eyesight, incipient cataract, burning lachrymation, Eyes blood-shot, heavy eyelids, myopia etc.
  15. Lemon juice

    Pretty much it.

  16. I wouldn't recommend attempting a self-formulated eyedrop. Even contact saline solutions are buffered, sterilized, and analyzed by spectroscopy to make sure the chemical makeup is accurate.

    While I'm okay with smoking something that goes through a million filtering mechanisms before it gets to my brain, I know that optical biochemistry is a very sensitive subject. .1-.2% off an active ingredient and you'll end up with a reaction.
  17. Exactly. I know many people who don't smoke and have completely red eyes for various reasons. Just act normal and be kind. If you do that there's no reason for someone to go out of their way to get you in trouble. To answer your question if you haven't gotten the hint yet, no.
  18. Call me crazy, but i dont use eye drops cause i feel like thats 'teaching' the body to reject the cannabis...
    the reason our eyes get red is because the pressure is decreased (why its used for glaucoma) and your veins are dilated (Visine & other eyedrops do the exact OPPOSITE of the herb's intentions. They increase the pressure, while constricting the veins (making them so small it appears white)

    Soooo after prolonged use of this, (if you believe in evolution), you know that its all about adapting.. what if we're teaching the body to reject the sacred herb? idk bro im :smoking:
  19. Dude that has absolutely nothing to do with evolution. What you are talking about is Lamarkism, which has been completely wrong since before the first publishing date of The Origin of Species. you can use visine until you go completely blind by age 3 and your progeny will be completely normal because visine does not have the ability to change your genetics. phenotype = genotype + environment, visine fits into environment not genotype and is therefore not transferable to future generations.

    if get really dry eyes like I do and dont want to use visine, use contact solution moisturising eye drops. they come in little bottles, right by contact solution at the pharmacy. i wear contacts so i have it anyways but yeah it doesnt do so much for the redness but it feels better than having dry scratchy eyes
  20. this.

    and to you all talking about your eyes getting used to weed, everybodys eyes are different, but most peoples eyes will still get red when they are stoned no matter how long they have smoked. I personally have noticed though that if I smoke all day from the moment I wake up, my eyes get alot less red when I smoke than if I just smoke at night or something.

    I have been interested in alternatives to making your eyes white after having to use them so much for work. Are there natural eyedrops? Or eyedrops without the common chemicals that are better for you?

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