eyedrop review "RHOTO v COOL"

Discussion in 'General' started by devils42491, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. that might be what it's called... i'm just reading what it says on the front.
    Any ways i got these at a college as a free sample (funny aint it)
    they were free but i can't complain.... but i will anyway

    these don't compare to visine, or any other drop i've used. These i guess had menthol or something in them, cuz they had a cooling effect, but for me it was more of a somebody took hot sauce and put it in your eye effect. They hurt a lot. I wouldn't use them. They worked great, but so do most others, so don't hurt yourself
  2. I love the rhoto v's.
  3. you get used to it. the green one is the best. but they dry out my contacts so i've switched to something else..
  4. no reds eyes, FTW.... Tolerance i suppose
  5. yea their rhoto v green is what i use. its the shit, if you want some pearly whites. the silver one is runner up, and the blue one sucks balls. im down with the cooling effect but the blue one is insane.. atleast you can "feel" them working:p
  6. dude im addicted to that burn. its almost like i cant get high till i put a drop or 2 in each eye haha.
  7. Ive tried all of them and the Arctic(silver cap) burns the most and makes your eyes bright fucking white.
  8. that's nothing, at the beginning of the school year last year, my university gave me a coupon book.

    most of it was normal shit; restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

    then a headshop. i laughed.


    it was awesome.
  9. I think my sister was telling me about those a while ago.. they got them in at her work and she got some. She said they hurt her eyes when she used them. I stick with visine, myself. :)
  10. Its like an orgasm for your eyes.
    No im j/p that shit burns like a mother fucker. I know some people who put that shit in for the fuck of it.. freaks imo
  11. At my buddies house where we always toke I got one rhoto artic for every room, one for my car, one for my girl firends car, one for my stash. They work amazing, and I love the 'pain' feeling idk why. We smoked with this one kid it was his first time smoking a 'real' bong my firnd bought a while back from jamacin junction here in PA and I told him to put the rhoto in... the absolute halirity that insued was prob the most funny thing I have ever experienced while high. sensitive eyes i guess ? peace V
  12. Rhoto Rhoto Rhoto!

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