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  1. Right so basically I've been thinking of getting an eyebrow piercing, I could go get it done tomorrow.

    But I had a couple of questions:

    I'm a ginger guy, and my eyebrows are pretty light so for one I was wondering whether I'd be able to pull it off?

    Also, I was wondering if I could hit the gym immediately after getting it pierced. Or would I still be in pain and bleeding?
  2. nobody? damn
  3. I know it seems like a good decision now but it just isn't. Some girls like that look, most don't. I had my ears pierced until I was 25 and thankfully I grew out of that need to stab myself in my face to look distinguished.

    Just an honest opinion.
  4. You need to keep it cleaned for the initial healing time.
    Go to a good piercer who can show you autoclave spore results, has a portfolio with good, healed (eyebrow) piercings, etc.
    A cheap piercing isn't good, and a good piercing isn't cheap.

    All you need to clean it with is a sea salt soak (SSS) which is 1/4 Tsp. non-iodized sea salt (not table salt) to 8oz. of warm water. Soak for 5-10 minutes 2 or so times a day.
    I would avoid the gym immediately afterwards.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm actually getting it done this friday at a cost of £30.

    What about smoking afterwards? Do you reckon that will be ok?
  6. Smoking will be fine.

    My eyebrow healed pretty quickly compared to all my other piercings.

    It really doesn't hurt, and you'll barely bleed. You'll be fine
  7. awesome. Awesome to the max.
  8. Yeah, smoking won't be a problem. Just be aware of it, don't be touching it, don't let others touch it, etc.

    Remember, this is technically a surface piercing, not a "through and through" piercing, such as an ear lobe or lip. Surface piercings do have a higher rejection rate because of this, but with good aftercare, proper fitted jewelry, etc. you shouldn't have to worry about it.

  9. Yes, this is a very good thing to remember. Eyebrow piercings are not something you have forever unless you're super lucky.

    My first one was rejected about 3 years after I had it done. Left a pretty nice scar, too, where eyebrow hair will no longer grow. My second one seems to be doing better, but I know it'll be rejected any day because I can see how much it has migrated since I got it.

    No amount of proper aftercare will solve migration/rejection. It's all up to your body. Aftercare keeps infection away, but it won't keep your piercing from migrating unfortunately.
  10. Im going on six years with mine and it has only migrated a bit, and that was about a year after I got it done. Pretty sure I just got lucky though. Anyway, OP some great suggestions have been made. Hitting the gym right after would probably be okay if you really must go, just keep it clean and dont mess with it. Also be very careful taking off your shirts, they tend to get hung on eyebrow rings alot.
  11. I had it done this morning and I'm loving it so far. It didn't hurt at all. Just a little sharpness.

    Just gotta clean it up now with some salt water. I didn't go to the gym after in the end; just got stoned.

    I've got a plain metal one for now, but am changing the balls to some greens ones next week.

    Thanks for all your help guys :). Rep+ to all
  12. [quote name='"vCanisMajorisY"']I know it seems like a good decision now but it just isn't. Some girls like that look, most don't. I had my ears pierced until I was 25 and thankfully I grew out of that need to stab myself in my face to look distinguished.

    Just an honest opinion.[/quote]

    It doesnt matter who likes it as long as he likes it.

  13. Yep. That's all it comes down to.

    I've had tons of chicas dig on my piercings. Unless you're trying to pick up a Mormon, I don't think the majority of girls give a damn about small piercings.
  14. I have some questions. Will it come out if I wink or like fur my brows(I think that's what it's called)? And how do I soak it? I can't imagine dropping my face in it xD.
  15. Shouldnt come out if you wink so long as it has beads on the barbell. As for soaking the best way I found to do it was just use a cotton ball soaked in a warm salt water solution. As for furring your brows, I assume you mean messing with the hair? If so it should be okay just dont do it while its healing.
  16. No offense but eyebrow piercings sounds kinda gay on anyone. Just get ears if anything. No offense I'm just keepin' it real with you. But if it's something you want don't let no one stop you.

  17. 1. You're a little late
    2. How does something seem "gay?" Grow the fuck up

  18. hey man I respect your opinion an all but I'm glad I got it done. I love it. Rocking a blue bar at the moment but have already got a collection of like 7.

    If that's what you feel it's cool, but how does it sound anymore gay than an ear piercing? especially considering that having the right ear pierced is/ moreso was now a days, a symbol of being gay.

    I have to be honest I don't like eyebrow piercings although I am fond of stretchers to an extent.
  19. Just got my tragus pierced as well.

    I love it :D

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