Eyebrow piercing wont heal

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  1. Hi guys, so I got my eyebrow pierced mid-January of this year, 10 months ago. I've been battling infection for the majority of this time, it changes as far as intensity of the infection and sometimes seems to almost get better but it always seems to revert. I do a saline soak every day, and when it's really red and inflamed I'll put some polysporin on it.
    Any advice?

  2. Are you allergic to the material? First thing that came to mind, but you probably checked that.

    So I guess I got no advice. This is indeed strange. Wondering if someone would know.
  3. Hey girl, i had 8 guage piercings in my ears in highschool, went from nothin to 8s

    They never healed, my body rejected them and i finally removed them after a year, when scar tissue started to build up, after a doctors recommendation.

  4. Use lavender oil and sea salt soak everyday, 2x a day. Use a good piece of jewelry (silver, gold etc), keep your face clean, don't touch your face'
  5. How can I check the material? I can't take it out, can I? I was under the impression that if I take it out while there's an infection it'll get trapped inside and form a cyst.
  6. Go to the doctor.
  7. Doctor gave me antibiotics, my piercing got a bit better, I got a yeast infection. A week after I finished the antibiotic regimen the infection came right back.
    I'm gunna go to the piercer this week and see if they can help me out.
  8. damn you still havin trouble with that?
    hope he can do somethin. if not, might just be better to go without it
  9. Take your piercing out and clean that shit. Then put the jewellery back in. You want it to heal right?!

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