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"eyeballing" (guessing weight) a gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Neon Opal, May 10, 2011.

  1. untill I get a scale as it has never seemed important to me to get one till my recent cooking/edibles experiments...

    any suggestions for "eyeballing"/visual guessing a gram?

    my one friend suggested a pile about as big around as a quarter and as high as 2.
    Does that sound good? any other ideas? and I didn't ask him but would that be the visual before or after it's ground? thanks:wave:
  2. ummmm nope, really depends on density of the buds.
  3. so any suggestions for guessing after it's ground up? I never usually buy a gram or I might have a better idea...though so far my edible experiments have been ok.
  4. ehhh its a lot harder to tell with ground up bud, I wish had some clever technique to tell you but you really need a scale lol.
  5. its usually easy for me at least to tell how much is a gram when ground up, because i smoke a lot of blunts, and i usually put either .5 or 1g into the blunt, what i do is break up the bud and then line it up the length of a blunt and guess its weight from there, like if its fatter than my normal dub blunts its probs more than a g.

    idk i just find it to be easier looking at a line rather than looking at it as a big pile
  6. "Eyeballing it" is always a bad suggestion. Scales are a 10 dollar investment that insures you won't be ripped off. Seems like a fair trade-off.

  7. how do you roll a blunt with half a g? it must be all paper, i roll 1g joints and get maybe 2 blunts out of an 8th. I dont smoke blunts anyway. Most of you young kids do it to be cool but really smoking weed is not a cool thing to do. Do it for yourself and not others.
  8. yeah - def want to get a scale now- we all just put whatever into bowls, joints, blunts- no one I know measures that stuff. I just don't know when I'll be able to get someplace that has them (it's far as one close mini headshop just closed) or I'll have to order on-line. One close place I think might have them I'm gonna try to get to tomorrow...the cigar place just closed to as I tried to go ther last week

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