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Eyeball This Plz

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hashuana, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Guy said 5 grams can someone eyeball it

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  2. Depends on how dense it is. That's probably closer to an 1/8 (3.5g) a scale and take it with you, weight it out from now on, then if its short your fuy can fix it.
  3. doesn't even look like it is an eighth.
  4. 2G...? I don't know.  :confused_2:
    Invest in a scale.
  5. looks fairly close to 4-5 grams IMO but wow is that a bad trim job!
  6. Yea probably 5, the bigger nug is prolly 3ish grams and the smaller 2 if its dense. If its fluffy then no its not 5 gs.

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  7. Yup where I'm from this is how it is....
    Complained about it but that's how the dude gets it .... U can check out my pickup thread

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  8. Gonna order a scale on eBay thanks guys

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  9. Looks more like 3-3.5g. I would try to find a new link as that weed looks terrible.
  10. #11 *guest, Jun 12, 2013
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    No one here can eyeball it for you with any accuracy, especially not from a picture. It's a few grams, get a scale so you can know whether you're getting ripped of or not. They're like $10 on Amazon.  :p
  11. ^ what do you know!?!?!
    Looks like a cut!
    You looking for a fucking fight bro? Let's take this shit outside. 
  14. 2-3 G's Max
  15. Yeah this wasn't that great he tried a new supplier
    This is what I got last time

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  16. #17 Menchville, Jun 12, 2013
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    Try finding a new dealer, what state are ya located in?
    Those bud's look like poop.  :confused_2:  What are ya paying?
  17. You got right fucked in the ass on this one i hate to say it.. but ya did... for one ive seen hemp that looks more potent than that. Wet.. ya prob 5gs but dry your only looking at 1.5. Tell your dealer to find a new career
  18. man y'all are dicks
    Fucking haters
    You don't even know how much he paid

    If it's fluffy it can go like 2.5-4 gs If dense 4 maybe

    Doesn't looks so bad either maybe just needs a better trimming job. But I'm sure it gets the job done

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