Eye problems after a night of drugs

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    This has happened to me at least once before, that I can remember, and it was under the same circumstances.

    Last night, I decided to go chill with one of my buddies at his apartment. Before I left for his place, I popped 2mg Xanax (1bar).

    At his apartment, I consumed like 5 beers and smoked some dank out of his bong. Felt great.

    However, when I woke up a few hours ago the vision in my right eye, and right eye only, is blurred. Not extremely blurred, but things that involve focusing my right eye, like reading, are very hard to do. There is no pain at all, there is no redness or itchiness either.

    The last time this happened was a morning after I got drunk and took xanax as well. The blurriness went away after a few hours though. But it was hard to read during that time.

    Well, what the heck do you think this could be? Maybe I just slept on my eye?

    I know this is not a medical forum and maybe none of you are medical experts, but please don't think I'm a dumbass for asking this question here.

    I know a lot of the forum-ers here have plenty experience with xanax/alcohol/weed and I wanted to see if something similar to this has ever happened to them or if someone could shed some light on what is wrong with me eye.
  2. Yep, I took about 4mg of xanax last summer, and I woke up at 6 AM and my right eye was blurry as FUCK. My vision is completely terrible when my contacts aren't in, and this was like 40x worse than it usually was. I went to the eye doctor the next day, and they determined that I had 'eye abrasions' which are basically tiny cuts on your eye, which can be caused by smoke(I think I smoked a lot of blunts that night, I don't really remember). They gave me this eye solution with salt in it, which burns like a motherfucker, and it went away in a few days.

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