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  1. hi there folks,i am new to this site this morning and would like some advice..how effective are those police helicopters? reason i am asking is i was in town yesterday afternoon and i saw a light in the sky come down the valley.i knew what that was straight away in these parts. got in the house turned all the hps set up in tent off. he was still coming slowly down the valley at this point and i was watching him..when he was inline with my house he stopped and hovered,mind you he was high and not directly above my house..my heart was going like the clappers..then he flew off slowley...after hovering for five mins..then the cream on the cake two squad cars came down the bypass in tandem..i ran in and pulled all plants out of the pods..and stashed them behind the shed ready to throw them into a piece of scrub land next to my house.....my question is...whats the chances he saw my grow? its in a spare room in a single storey house under a growtent and 900hps
  2. by the way i am in a remote part of uk and there has been a lot of busts in the area lateley when could i expact a knock on the door?
  3. How many watts we talking here? Is it cold where you live? You have to be putting off a pretty conspicuous heat signature to draw the attention of one of those copters. Where and how does the heat leave the tent and home? if your shooting heat out in a super obvious way then of course it would be noticeable. Try to put your self in there shoes is there anything that stands out that would attract them.
  4. Idk about across the pond, but they got my single plant outside this summer.

    Same thing with the hovering and two squad cars....except they got mine lol.
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    if you insulate the tent and stop the heat signal produced directly by the bulb I would think that would be enough.

    I would imagine yourself acting in a manner such as yourself running to the room whilst LEO presence in your locality would pose a question, more so than your setup signal.

    some ideas perhaps cover the tent in 100mm - 200mm think rigid insulation board, Kingspan or the like. I was told that lead was so dense it stops a signal. Radiologists wear lead padded aprons as PPE from xrays and indeed gamma rays which again leads me to think its suitable for stopping transfer of energy.

    A quote that I will always remeber is that FLIR is not xray (in the name FLIR - forward looking infra red). it cant see through objects but only just trapped heat. I would imagine if the heat source i.e. the bulb were close to the roof they could see it as it mad hot. note could rather would.

    the bulb signal has to penetrate: the hood, tent, the ceiling finish, the plasterboard ceiling, insulation, roofing felt, roof covering, then make it to "da chopper". This is for your single story dwelling. If your house is modern then it will be heavily insulated and of a better construction, so even harder for the policia to see whatever it is your so worried about lol :smoking:

    If your exhaust is venting outside it would show up, ideally you want the building to absorb the heat and release it uniformly. using convection currents should take care of this. strictly spreaking vent up an old flu or out a drier vent or into a room preferably at floor level or pointing down, or cool the exhaust before venting outside, a heatsink would do this.

    Nothing should look strange to the external environment. If you have told people that's a different beast.

    if the above does not make sense its because I hit a few bowls.
  6. ladies and gentlemen, mr. barry cooper!

    Never get raided again by Barry Cooper
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InJHDLNCRzc]NEVER GET RAIDED FULL DVD - YouTube[/ame]

    i like his idea about venting the heat into the rest of the house so there's no obvious hot spots in a single room. also venting heat out of your clothes dryer hose.
  7. thanks for the reply guys i am growing 900hps in a spare bedroom in a grow tent above is the room ceiling then insulation above that then the felt and of course the roof.i am venting the air into the attic...after ripping up all my plants i have put them bk into the pods and thay are now ok after the shock and i have switched to 12 12 i guess they never spotted me as they would of kicked my door through by now....lots of raids in the area lateley always is christmas time...how else could i vent the air to warm the house as someone stated?
  8. if your grow is in a grow tent sitting inside a spare bedroom.. i'd just open the flap to the tent and open the door to the bedroom?

  9. But how would turn off the lights keep temp lower just keep in a room without outside wall and they can't tell because fleer sees heat so yes if in outside walled room it would be bright on the display if you keep the room and tent about the same avg house temp zero issues vent thru water heater or the Sewer vents to look normal
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    Also, I would relocate the exhaust from the roof space. perhaps lay the extraction ducting on the floor beside the tent, you want heat to dissipate before it gets the chance to rise. effectively you want to make the IR signal weak.

    A friend used to have helo's flying over their grow at night maybe 2 or 3 times a night, the video above demonstrates the effectiveness of the technology at night. they never got busted as nothing looked out of the ordinary.

    That video is full of great info, that guy should be a US national treasure.

    Fuck FLIR. Stevie Wonder that shit.
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    figured i might mention one other thing. in the same way a dealer might set up a fake business to give good reason for foot traffic, papertrail, etc.
    a grower i've always believed needs to be growing other things besides cannabis.. veggie garden outside or small hydro inside for those lovely tomatos, peppers, garlic.. herb boxes on the windows, flowers and general house plants (near or by the window, have a good reason to have condensation on the windows when plants are right up on them - one other thing cops will try to notice about ur house). gives a nice cover as far as why you're seen at the hydro store or ordering supplies off line, also why they might happen to see a bag of dirt outside, potters or nutes packaging if you happen to forgot to stash it away, etc.
    also explains why your house appears to be a bit hot and humid and why you might have a grow light or two inside just incase they did knock on your door.

    oh yes, and any packaging that has to do with your grow needs to be burned or bagged and taken FAR from your house. not sure the laws in the UK, but in the usa, your trash at the curb no longer belongs to you when you put it out - anyone can take it for a peek.
  12. Compose as brown matter unless plastics
  13. I'm not sure about the UK, but here in the US I don't think they can look into your house like that. Seems like there was a bill or law passed where they couldn't use FLIR unless in pursuit of a suspect or with a direct warrant. Am I wrong on this?
  14. You are correct
  15. Thanks. I actually just watched that video cause I didn't have enough time yesterday, and the info was in there too lol. Anybody know what the law is on it in the UK?

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