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Eye drops

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DCS, May 4, 2011.

  1. Ive got some opti-free contact solution. Would that work for bloodshot eyes? Or is it the anti alergy stuff in visine that makes it work?
  2. optifree wont work, use clear eyes
  3. Cover your eyelids in a delicious spaghetti sauce and top it off with a cucumber,

    you will never get redeyes again.
  4. No clear eyes takes to long get your hands on the green cap roho-v they make your eyes way white and prevent ***** eye in my opinion
  5. Rhoto V Silver if you arent a pussy.
  6. Yea the Clear Eyes redness relief works fine for me, I use it every time.
  7. Just wear my Vader helmet, works like a charm...

  8. how? do they not sell it with other eye drops?
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    No they take to long to work. Rohos work instantly
  10. honestly, i'd just go with some visine original redness relief before each sesh that you've got to be sneaky about.

    i've heard that the instantly working stuff can mess up your eyes if used over a long period of time... if you just put visine in before you toke, you'll never have the red eyes in the first place and you won't run the risk (i have no idea if this is true or not... :p) of eye damage. plus, visine is easier to find.
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    There was literally a thread the exact same on the front page like an hour or so ago I think. I'll post the same response I put over there.
    Edit: The thread is still on the front page, please use the search, or at least look at the front page...:rolleyes:
    I really don't care though...
  12. clear eyes maximum redness relif are the best visine created besides rhotos but those can be pricy and hard to find
  13. i always use opcon-A. they work like a charm and quickly, but without the burning sensation of rohtos. they're a little pricey, but totally worth it.
  14. what causes red eyes it a dilatation of the blood vessels, to reverse it quick you need something to contract them...that is what an antihistamine does and that is what is in those allergy eye drops.
  15. Rohto!!!! its all i use. the green cap one to be specific. you get a nice burning "sensation" (yeah right is it sensational...) but we are always ripped when we are using them so we freak out everytime ahahha. clear eyes redness reduction is good too

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