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Eye Drops

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by texassmoker, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. What's your favorite eye drops? Id do a poll, but there are way to many to list. Im partial to maurine tears and rhoto zi.
  2. Baush and Lomb.
  3. I go with the big brands. Visine and Clear Eyes do the trick for me.
  4. i dunno why but i never use anything other than visine, i just dont trust it, i sometimes feel its acid instead of eye drops
  5. I just dont use eye drops, i cant bare the idea of dropping some chemical in my eye unless i need to. Especially when my friend offered me some, telling me it stings at first..i just though , nah fuck that, id rather stay with my red eye.
  6. Clear Eyes ACR Rapid Relief. Works fast(5-10mins) and completely gets rid of red eye. For me it doesn't sting at all.
  7. for me visine works in like 1-2 mins and u stay clear eyed for the whole night...heh didnt know it was such a big deal
  8. I've never used anything than visine, dunno why, i just know it works well so its what i buy
  9. damn i hate red eyes theres somthin wrong with my eyes at the moment and there bloodshott and no im not stoned you should see my eyes wen i am they completely go red exept for the pupil, i do have drops but i never tried to use em wen im stoned there prescription drops i should try em' out
  10. Naphcon...........its the best eye drops out there guarteed. been using them forever and they take like 10 minutes to work and i have never seen my eyes whiter ever. but the downside is they are 12 dollars a bottle
  11. never use it, i tend to find it kills my high (probably more of a mental thing) but it seems to on me and thus i dont use. Plus red eyes are sexy. haha keep smokin
  12. good man. i just have to do it to hide it from the parents. lol but ya when i don't have to use them i don't casue gotta love the reddness. true stoner words.
  13. ive never used em ever

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