Eye drops?

Discussion in 'General' started by GeTTeR, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. Do you guys use or recommend using them. I like a high were I don't have to use them. But I use them so people don't notice my eyes. What to do?

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  2. Well I only use them when I'm around family that don't know I smoke. But yeah they work like a charm. Especially a brand called clear eyes,
    I get their maximum redness relief and within two minutes my eyes are clear white, so yeah tey work pretty good.
    I usually get mine from Walmart but I think they are other places too.
    But yeah totally recommend eye drops

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  3. Thanks man. I put then in and I get that brand too :D haha. I just don't know how good thet are for your eyes. You know health wise.

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  4. Rohto green cap are my favorite

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  5. They're really not the best for your eyes. It's really best to use them only when you need to. Prolonged use of eye drops can cause your blood vessels in your eyes to dilate when you don' t use them. Generally eye drops are rather safe, but if you're using them every time you get high you may begin to see negative effects on your eyes.
  6. Okay thanks man. I will try amd use them sparingly then. Besides I like the high more without eyedrops :D

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  7. they're pretty great. i actually like using them when im high. it makes my vision so much clearer, especially when my eyes start to get dry.
  8. If i am going out in public after smoking i use eye drops just so i dont get paranoid. They work 100% everytime. Buy some clear eye, its what i have and it works great. $6 for a bottle that lasts me atleast a few months

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  9. Rhoto's > any other brand

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