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Eye drops

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by YoShytsWeak, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. What kind of eye drops are the best?

    I use Roto:Artic
  2. I also use Rhoto Arctic. That's the only kind I've been using and works all the time.
  3. Not to mention the cool after effect
  4. fuck eye drops.

    makes my eyes itchy and like they're bone dry.

    cant remember the last time i gave a shit about my cashed eyes anyway
  5. ill note, that in high school if you had rotos you were ballin haha
  6. Rotos cooling dont do that
  7. I heard those had a chemical specifically for people with glasses??
  8. i heard a while ago that over use of eye drops can ruin your tear ducts, no longer able to produce tears
  9. I only use them when im gonna see someone that doesn't need to know that im high
  10. True, takes a long time though. I've had several eye doctors recommend avoidance of eye drops, except for specific ones they carry designed solely to moisturize contact lenses and nothing else. Red eye reducers are never recommended as there are no positive benefits from them, over the long run they can cause more dryness than anything.
  11. Been using redness relief eyedrops everyday for over 15years. My eyes don't get dry when I don't have them. I use rhoto cool (the green one) and I use drops for my wake n bake, and drops at lunch. Only twice a day and my eyes are bleach white.
  12. White eyes does not mean healthy eyes. Besides, Rhotos have alcohol in them. Why would you put that on your eye?
  13. Best drops right here.

    Attached Files:

  14. 20/20 vision and no eye problems in my whole life = healthey eyes. Plus my eye doc says my eyes are perfect.

    And I use rhoto cuz they work the best and they feel the best. Been using them over a decade. So..... ha!

  15. Men don't cry so I don't think that will be a problem :hello:

    Also I only use drops if I am coming back home and my parents are up. And even then I'll just go to my room and if I hear them coming I'll just dip to the bathroom real quick and throw some drops in.
  16. Rhoto. Hands down. Eyes as red as the devils dick to pure white in 6 minutes. I actually timed it once. The cooling sensation takes some getting used to. But I got all my friends hooked on it.
  17. Lucky bastard, they said I was legally blind when I was 9 years old, don't even have eyeglass prescriptions that are strong enough any more. But yeah, I've been using eye drops since I started smoking at age 14, my eyes don't get dry, and I guess if I wanted to I could cry like a baby.
  18. Green capped Rhotos FTMFW
  19. This^^^

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