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Eye drops

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SaskKush, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. My eyes get really really red and squinty when I'm high so I went to pick up some eye drops today. I had heard that rohbos (not sure if spelt right) were the best, so I went to the grocery store an looked at the eye drops and they had a few cheap crappy brands, and then visine. But no rohbos. So I got a bottle of visible. I've hear they don't work well. Will they work? Does anyone know a specific store that sells rohbos? (I live in canada) I'm going to try going to shoppers drug Mary and see if they have them. Basically all I want to know is will the visine work and where can I get rohbos
  2. visine works fine for me
  3. There rohtos* and I like them better than visine although visine is good too. Most Walgreens have rohtos
  4. Those are the shit!! Work all day for me. Ice is nice
  5. Someone told me rohtos aren't that great for your eyes.
  6. Visine's done fine for me, the only complaint I havens it irritates my contacts
  7. Someone once told me marijuana was a terrible drug.
    Opinions are opinions...

    If they have been on the market that long, they aren't harming your eyes any more than any other brands.

    It's all preference.
  8. Rohtos are the shit. I feel like they're the most effective. Maybe it's the sting involved.
  9. Rohtos work very very well. The best at getting rid of those bloodshot eyes, at least in my experiences. Although, most eye drops, however cheap and crappy, work for me.
  10. put it in before you smoke
  11. I use cleareyes... They're really refreshing to use i've not used rohtos before but cleareyes get red of my eye 100% (they get redder at first, like as red as possible) and it feels like I have contacts in ( I never wear my contacts, but when I put in these eye drops I feel like my vision is good like contacts).
  12. rohtos is the best one out of the three i've tried: visine, cleareyes and rohtos.

    i only buy the green cap one though.. anything above that is too much for my eyes to handle.
  13. Visine will do the job most of the time, and it is easy to put in. Rohtos burn alot at first but you get used to the burn, and eventually you start to enjoy it. They will for sure clear away any redness so you can count on those. otherwise any clear-eyes or visine brands work too
  14. I use clear eyes, work amazing, better than visine IMO. Rohtos are good, but a little overpriced and burn the living hell out of my eyes.
  15. clear eyes are cheaper, look at the ingredients on the back the cleareyes had the same stuff as the rhotos i was looking at, dont remember the cap color. oh and walgreens man.
  16. rohto artic...awesome love the feeling.
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    I love Rohto

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