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eye drops

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smoky14, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Got optrex dry eye drops will these help red eye? Im in U.K btw :smoke:
    cheers smokers
  2. i dont know i got rohto , but once it says clear eyes , redness relieve or something like that it should help most eye drops would
  3. He has lots of experience using eye drops to remove redness from his eyes.

    He has found that "Clear Eyes" works the best!

    Visine sucks, Rohtos are crap too.. Nice little bottle but he feels when it comes down to it, clear eyes works so much better!

  4. Wow 3rd person....
  5. The active ingredient in Optrex Dry Eye drops is for just that, dry eyes. Sodium hyaluronate is a lubricant.

    Optrex makes red eye drops and you should use those instead, if that's what is available to you.
  6. I've got them eye drops, Ive found the best way is to put the eye drops before and after smoking. But they aren't the best eye drops for red eye
  7. Why are you typing in the 3rd person?
  8. #8 mccanntm, Mar 17, 2012
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    you're a dumb ass. Clear eyes suck. ask anyone that smokes on a normal day to day basis that HAS to depend on eye drops. rhotos are the best hands down.

    Name calling is not tolerated here - WW
  9. He has found that the clear eyes ones work the best.
  10. Skunk he sure did

  11. He depends on eye drops too! He says you go ahead and get those Rohtos, just because they burn your eyes and look fancy (And cost a few bucks more) doesn't mean they work better.

    At the end of the day his eyes are white! :hello:
  12. ' Visine red eye '

    best . ever.

  13. He reported the small boy on the internet for name calling....
  14. He is one with the force.
  15. It doesn't matter what the brand is, it matters what the active ingredient is. The most effective redness relief comes from naphazoline (Clear Eyes) or tetrahydrozoline (Visine/Rhotos). They are practically the same thing... fast acting vasoconstrictors. Usually written as "naphazoline/tetrahydrozoline hydrocloride", or "naphazoline/tetrahydrozoline HCl", on the bottle. It binds to the surface if blood vessels in your eyeball and causes them to constrict, thus the redness in your eye vanishes.

    Each brand mentioned stocks these formulations, and also eye drops that contain no active... usually just lubricant, and will not reduce redness as effectively, if at all. But if you want to promote an eye drop brand... that's cool too...
  16. Clear Eyes Maximum Redness Relief, hands down the best.

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