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Eye drops

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by yamaha 598, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. This might seem weird but what is the best brand of eye drops to buy
  2. Anything that says redness relief on the box. Clear eyes, visene, Rhoto V
  3. Rohtos hurt like a bitch at first and make ur eyes alot redder at first then in five min they get white
  4. All of them do the job, personally I like visine because it allows realistic white-ness(some red left) Rhotos and cleareyes leave your eyes white as a ghost so a cop/nurse/person with experience with high people can spot you easier.
  5. Rohto's dont hurt at all, the silver is more refreshing then the blue or green. But they're all tame. And quick as fuck.
  6. Nothing. (Natures Eyedrops)

  7. What he said. They don't hurt, they're actually refreshing but cost a lot if you can't get them in on your first time. People wasting eyedrops is no good.
  8. Rhotos kill everything! Pearlescent white FTW!
  9. Rhoto's... the green ones. "Menthe," I believe. It's like mouthwash for your eyes. It's definitely intense at first, but they're kind of addicting! ;)
  10. Clear eyes for me. I Used to use Visine but after using it, probably ever other day for a few months, it began to irritate my eyes.

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