Eye drops VS no eye drops

Discussion in 'General' started by Canada Smokes, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. I get terribly red eyes but I put eye drops in if I'm going out in public. So I'm good.

    I know eye drops irritate me so I don't do it unless it's nesseary but I strongly prefer not too.

    So do you prefer eye drops when smoking or no eye drops and why?

    Come on let's here some answers.

    Best buds for life.
  2. No eye drops, then people know I am stoned and don't think I am an idiot. 
  3. I like to use eye drops, the only thing I hate about them is actually getting them to get into my eye because I always use them when I'm high so I can hardly open up my eye so I end up waisting a quarter of the damn bottle until one of those little fuckers gets into my eye.

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  4. I think we've all been there..

    Best buds for life.
  5. as much criticism as i may get i only put them in before driving places. got pulled over a few times recently, cant take any chances. then again, the cops around here aren't really looking for high drivers. 
  6. I only use eyedrops if it's absolutely crucial that no one knows that I'm high.
    That has only happened once in my life, and I'm high pretty fucking often  :smoking: .
  7. My eyes dont get as red as they used to anymore, unless I have an especially heavy session

    But yea mostly just throw them on when im with family (out of respect) or if im about to drive and think my eyes look too glazed over

    And I notice I use them less now because Id use up a small bottle of clear eyes in about 2 weeks before and lately it lasts about a month and a half to 2 months
  8. I used eye drops when I was a young teen and I didn't want my parents (or teachers, etc) to know I was high, but for the last several years my eyes seldom get very red -- when I'm highest, it seems, I just look exceptionally tired, or like I just woke up. That, or I'm just used to my eyes always looking like this now so it doesn't seem as noticeable anymore.
  9. My eyes don't get particularly red these days, unless I'm totally knackered. At any rate, it's good bet to just assume that I'm a bit toasted no matter how Cheeched my face is.
    You learn with experience how to hide it, kids. Back when I did use eye drops, I put them in before I smoked. That's how the pros do it.  ;)
  10. Only if I'm gonna be in a situation where I really don't want people to know I'm high...

    N I usually get the eye drops in pretty much on my first try...
  11. Why's this thread rehashed?
  12. What percentage of new threads do you think would cease if there were no duplicates?
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  14. And to contribute: I use them daily; even if I don't puff. I have allergies and use them anyways. I can smoke all day every day because my eyes are always white
  15. Only time I use eye drops is when I'm driving or if I have to meet someone who isn't reefer friendly.

    Majority of the time I put the drops in before smoking, makes it easier and never get red.
  16. I wear contact lenses so it's pretty much a necessity.
  17. This reminds me of when I was younger there was this one time I needed eye drops really badly. I had REALLY red eyes. So I walked to the store, bought some visine and walked home. I got home and I anticipated that my eyes would be white before my dad got home in an hour or so. Put one solid drop in each, and waited twenty minutes. They were still REALLY red, and it looked like they got even redder! I called my dad and had to make up some bs that a friend wanted to hang out for a few hours just so the eye redness would naturally whiten while I sobered up. So I walked to the park and they were STILL red. Anyway a few hours later they were white again.

    Found out I was immune to visine after countless times of getting baked with friends and trying to use them. Even the maximum redness relief ones! Anyways I tried "Rohto Cool" eye drops and after five minutes everytime they would be white. Needless to say I was never paranoid about red eyes around parents/anti-smokers while high ever again.

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  18. Never

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  19. I only put in eye drops if my eyes are really itchy and/or my contacts are bothering, and I have a bad habit of not keeping it on hand, so I often don't then. I don't give a fuck if my eyes are red and I don't give a fuck if people think I'm stoned. Let 'em think what they please, I'll be off in my own world, stoned and enjoying myself :smoking:
  20. My eyes get blood shot so I put on eye drops when I go out so that people don't go "wtf bitch is high as fuck" lol. Could be awkward.

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