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Eye Drops? Rolled Weed.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by icrazy2u, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Two questions:

    1. After a while, I put in eye drops if I'm going somewhere. What eye drops do you use? Cause the ones I have now are 'Rohto Arctic' but once I put a drop in, it hurts like a BITCH, and it will hurt for about 7 min. But when I used my friends a while back it didn't really even sting. So what do you guys use?

    2. I got 3 J's in a ziplock bag. Its mid inside the joints (all I could get) and was wondering how long I can have those J's in there until they become useless I guess?
  2. I used to put in Visine Advanced Redness Relief BEFORE I started smoking.
    As long as no air gets in the bag, you're good for a while, the weed just gets a little dried out.
  3. Rhotos are supposed to burn, if you don't want the burn get visine.

    And I'd say the joints could be kept in the bag for a week. Depends on a lot really.
  4. 1. Triple redness relief by... I forget the brand.

    2. I don't think it would ever be useless just that it would probably get dry and maybe a little harsh over time.
  5. Idk I got this shit that said maximum redness relief it was like clear eyes or some shit and it works great but I rarely use it
  6. So I guess Clear Eye or Visine, cause these Rohto shits burn like hell. Gave me a headache one time and blew my high.
  7. why do these rhotos
    drops burn?? are they bad fpr yu or something
  8. It burns because the ingredients in rhoto are vasoconstrictors (constricts the muscular layer of blood vessels and allows less blood flow thus relivieving redness). It's not bad unless you use them a few times a day everyday over a long period of time.

  9. Every eye drop is a vasoconstrictor. It burns because there is menthol in it. Lol
  10. I just use regular visiene and sometimes ill put them in and they sting but other times it just feels refreshing and you can keep the j's bagged for a decent amount of time but if they were mine i wouldnt keep them for over a week or two
  11. Not all eye drops are vasoconstrictors, some are antihistamines for allergies, glycol solutions for rewetting drops. Damn Never knew menthol was in it particularly because it's a known vasodilator
  12. 1. Visine Triple Action Strength for Redness.
    2. It should probably be fine.
  13. clear eyes are the best buy, by far.
    Trust me, I'm a doctor.
  14. Arctic drops are supposed to "burn"..
    Literally any other brand wont do that.
    Also, the bud should certainly be fine for quite a while.

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