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Eye Drops: Opinions?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ishottehsheriff, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. what are all you tokers out there opinions on eye drops. do you use them? favorite kind? or if you dont even bother with them.

    personally, i really only use them if i have to go talk to the parents or whatever. usually go with clear eyes maximum redness, seems to work the best.
  2. i like visine but it can burn sometimes my brother gets clear eyes alot.
  3. Rohto. They work for every single person, 100% of the time
  4. Me n my buddy always do it together, and we gotta go home, and his rents are there.
    we drop em in eachother's eyes before we smoke and we're golden, I really like em.
  5. fuck when i blaze with my peeps i were contacts ( never liked glasses).
    never tried using them cuz of the contacts.
    what eyedrops is there that is for people that were contacts?
    can i just use normal eyedrops like visine?

  6. Rhoto is like an elephant busting a nut in your eye. Gotta admit, it worked like a charm though.

    the best ever! and i love the feelin of it,
  8. ahah, the mint-ish ones definatly have a unique effect
  9. burnned the fuck out of my eyes last time (also the first) time i used them ended up taking out my contacts 10 min later. couldn't deal with it.
  10. I Think it should say somewhere on the bottle weather or not you can use them with contacts or not. Personally my eyes dont really seem to get that red anymore so I just use the " I wear contacts " excuse
  11. My eyes get red as the devil's dick but I generally don't give a ****, unless I'm going to class or something or dealing with my parents.
  12. So you and your buddy put eye drops in eachothers eyes?
  13. You should try a different variety, the regular ones feel just like clear eyes/regular drops, but work much much better

    It's pretty commonplace actually, alot of people can't do it themselves.
  14. oh yea dude
  15. i dont need drops, i always wear ski goggles when i smoke so it never effects my eyes!


    i use patonal(sp?0) its a prescription eye drop and i usually use it right after im done smoking and my eyes clear up really fast.
  16. I used to use visine and rohtos and my eyes were good to go.
    But lately i don't care about my red eyes, so i just get up and do whatever i do when im blazed.

    I like to wear my high with pride and show it off. haha
  17. Rohto Arctic, its the most insane eyedrop known to man.
  18. i wear contacts too, bro. clear eyes makes some drops specific for contacts called contact lens relief that works pretty well, and you dont have to fuck with your contacts. just put that shit in and your golden.
  19. agreed. i keep clear eyes on me at all times, but i wear contacts so it doesn't look out of place at all.
  20. i agree with puffin'photog rohtos are amazing exspecially during a high it feels like tiny crystals in your eye (in a good way not a bad way)

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