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Eye drops dont seem to be working anymore?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cs02132, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. ive been using rohtos for a couple months now (since like april). i used to always go with the green tops but recently i got the blue ones and currently im using the silver tops but they arent working? i noticed this after the first time i used the silver ones so i got a green top one and they didnt seem to work either, my eyes were still red when before they worked great..btw i only used them 3 times a day MAX. 95% of the time i used them once before i went home

    anyone know what it could be? im probably gonna pick up a new kind of drops to see if ive grown a tolerance to rohtos or something ..any recommendations?
  2. *****, I don't know what you're rantin' about. Fuck eyedrops, man.
  3. Blues have never worked for me, always green.

    The only time they dont work is after a blunt or a lot of bong hits.

    But if you put in green rohtos before you start smoking, they will work 100% garunteed
  4. Using eye drops alot can fuck up the film in your eyes it's not good to be using them three times a day
    Take a cold damp towel and ut it over your eyes and press down a bit it feels nice and it will take most the red out
  5. dude good looking out.. i cant for the life of me use eyes drops
  6. Close your eye and put 5 drops on your eye lid, then right after your done blink and tilt your head so that the drops mix with your eye, then do the same for the other eye lid, works every time if you can't seem to have enough balls to open your eye and look into the drop falling onto your eye.

  7. bump

    this is what i do to put in my eye drops, so i dont know what it could be

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