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eye drops=clean test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chief Smokalottapiff, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Ok so i heard that if you have to take a drug test, (a home dt) you can piss in the cup then put in a few eye drops and it will come up clean. I heard this from a few close friends who all said it worked, but im still skeptical. Could anybody clarify this for me, because this could really help me to NOT get kicked out of the house:rolleyes:
  2. I've never heard of this, and I doubt it would work.
  3. For a home test...maybe. I have heard the same. But a DT for a job or something similar, NO. I have tried before.
  4. I'm actually quite the expert at this drug test thing seein' as how I was on probation my whole teenage years and. and no, it wont work, think about it it's only salen water (salt water) there aint nothin' in there that ain't already in your blood. the best thing you can do FOR A HOME TEST is to get a friends clean piss put it in some kind of container and use that and if there' is a temperature thing on it you can use a heat pouch that hunters use to warm it or depending on how safisticated this test is if it doesn't detect tampering (deluding) then you can drink a shit load of water until you start pissin' clear piss and take the test but the thing is if you wait too long you'll start pissin' dirty undeluded piss again drink 60 oz of water and you'll have deluded piss for about 2 hours but you gotta take a flush piss directly right before drinkin' but if it's a "anti-tamper" test you'll have to do the friends piss thing...

    good luck on your test. STUDY HARD

  5. Use clean piss in an eye drops bottle. Tape it to your inner thigh so it stays warm. Passed a lab test that way.
  6. this was on said it works because of some chemical.i wascuriois about i to
  7. an eye drop bottle wont fill a labs U.A. cup to the line an eye drop bottle only holds half of an ounce and a lab U.A. cup line is 4oz... and plus inner thigh heat won't warm your clean piss to 98.6 degrees...

    I'm not sayin'... I'm juat sayin'

  8. if you wanna pass a home drug test, go to rite aid or a pharmacy and get Detox 7. It's an inner body cleanser and works every time for me. Take 5 pills every hour with a tall glass of water. After those 6 hours, you should be clean until the next time you smoke. This is just from my own personal experience though.
  9. If you want to pass a home drug test, bleach works. But it makes the sample smell like bleach and can change it's color somewhat.
  10. just fist-fight your parents.
  11. lol haha
  12. #12 kindbud319, Sep 3, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 3, 2008
    i second fist fighting you parents
    that would be awsome. Or tell them to fuck off like i did my whole child life and now they let me do whatever the fuck i please. I did go into DSS custody because of it and i was in programs for 3 years but now i can do anything.
    Ohh and if anybody wants to know how to get your parents to let you smoke just spark up a cig or a joint in front of them. Thats what i did when i was 13 and i told them they couldnt do shit about it and that i wasnt gona stop whatever they did and they didnt do anything.
    ahahah but now that im older we get along.

    ohh and on alot of my drugtests i brought in to the bathroom an eye drops bottle full of bleach and put 2 drops in the cup after i pissed and it worked every time.
    the only thing that sucks is it makes the piss a little cloudy and it will make it way more cloudy if you put in more that 2 or 3 drops.
    and the other thing that sucks is you kinda smell like bleach if you get any on your fingers and a few times i got some on my shirt and came out with bleach spots on my shirt but no one ever noticed
    just be carefull with the bleach is all im saying
  13. ive had many many home drug tests, and for me the best thing is niacin. niacin is a pill you can take that turns fat soluable (thc) things to water soluable. at ngiht take about 8 pills, and after 3 days of doing this youll be clean. take cranberry pills if youre being extra paranoid. good luck

    also, bleach does work but yeah it really smells and can make it look soapy and shit.

  14. that's not completely true about the fat/water soluble stuff, but it does something like that.
    also, taking 8 pills of vitamin b3 could damage your liver, so i wouldn't recommend it.
    but it is ok to supplement your diet with niacin and cranberry extract pills, or you could take one of each vitamin, mineral, etc.

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