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Eye Drop Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GlasgowGreen11, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Bought some eye drops today to help get rid of the red eye, but I'm not sure if these ones work.

    Basically, it's too "rehydrate and lubricate" dry eyes. The picture on the front is a half red eye (the non red half has a drop going into it).

    I'm just wondering if these would work for weed red eye?

    p.s They're called "Optrex Dry Eye Drops"

    Cheers for any help!
  2. Did it say anything about red eye on the bottle?
    Only ones I've ever used at least mentioned something about redness on it so I don't know
    just smoke and try them out.
  3. Nah, but it did have a picture of a red eye turning clear though.
  4. pick up some Rhoto V, you'll thank me later
  5. Use rhotos, or visine. Some people hate on visine, say it doesn't work, or that it's shit, or whatever. It does dehydrate your eyes, but it's not like you're gonna die or go blind. It has always got rid of the red in my eyes and thats what matters after you smoke, sometimes you don't want red stony eyes.
  6. Yeah Rohtos has always worked for me good thing I saw this thread was just about to head to wal mart and would have forgot to get some. Love your Sig Burtontoker :)
  7. Ha the bargain ones i get are exclusively for redness relief...they say reduce redness and thats they r at wawa and they must be just for stoners
  8. Problem is, I live in the UK and haven't seen Visine ANYWHERE. These are the only drops the chemist had :(
  9. lol just try them man

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