Extremly stupid question

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  1. I have a question that is so dumb i prob shouldnt even post this but.

    When bench pressing do you add the weight of the bar to the amount you lifted? I think you do but im not sure.

    I feel so dumb asking that.
  2. hahaha yeah dude:eek:
  3. Yeah, usually the bar is 45lb. So life that a few times and gauage out.

    Always start off small, pussy or not. Try adding 10lb's, then go up as needed.
  4. Yeah
    45+2(Weight on one side of bar)=weight you're lifting (in lbs)
  5. yeah man hahaa. typical olympic bar is 45 lbs, but some smaller bars (like for curls) are only 20 pounds
  6. Well not necessarily.

    You can say I did 100 Lbs not counting the bar. Most people count the bar because they want to seem as strong as possible, but I know big body builders who say "I did this much" and people go "woooow" and then they go "Yeah that's not even counting the bar"
  7. lmao they must be sooooo cool
  8. yea most of the time. they usually weigh about 45 pounds or so
  9. or when you start to get really strong, you dont even talk in terms of weight anymore, just plates..

    "hey bro how much do you bench?"

    "today i worked my way up to 3 plates a side for 3 sets of 5." ;)

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