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extremely trippy song

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by brian hobo, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. whenever you're high, listen to "embers and envelopes" by mae. you could call it...soft emo. all you hard punk rockers out there may not like it, but they have this crazy keyboard in the background which i didnt hear until i was stoned. i was going crazy it was so weird.
  2. listen to 311...the best shit in THE WORLD!! in my opinion...
  3. That's weird that in some records there's a lot of stuff that you don't notice untill you listen to it high. Neurosis is propably the best band in that. Man I was freaking out when I listened Times of Grace stoned for the first time!!!!!
  4. dude, listen to Tool, that has some really trippy shit and gets you all fired up!

  5. I dunno what it was but freak on a leash by korn, had me hanging by the ears the other day..I never really noticed until I had the headphones engulfing my brain receptors :)
  6. I love listening to music with headphones, it's just so much clearer and there's no disturbing background noise etc.

  7. mmmm... yes real cool music. sooo relaxed and still heavy!

    but compared to tool, a perfect circle, soad, faith no more, audislave, foo fighters... i could go on :)
  8. Nope,,,,,,,,,,, I know all those bands and have listened them for quite a long time, but Instead of them I prefer SWANS record called CHILDREN OF GOD a track named LIKE A DRUG (Sha la la la)...................
  9. Evanessence is pretty trippy when you're high.
  10. Radiohead is the best. Get the OK Computer cd, and listen to it with headphones... high.
  11. "Dj Krust - Coded Language" Now thats a trppy tune.
  12. radiohead - kida, sigur ros any thing..
  13. i know it might not be popular, but still...

    nookie by limp bizkit!!!

    edit: ohhh, and break stuff!
  14. oyster head man -Little Faces listen to that dudes voice

  15. Dude thank you!!! I got high last night and downloaded the song, and wound up listening to it 17 times!! ITS SO GOOD
  16. yeah, mae is now my favorite band, really good emo man, thanks!
  17. if you want trippy songs, listen to Tool, or better whatch one of their videos. But the best band is Jane's Addiction, good songs and beats.
  18. Man You think thats wierd. You should go out and buy nine inch nails cd the perfect drug and listen to that when you are right baked. It's so wied. Your listening to it and you kind of feel the way the music is. Its great.

  19. hey, i finally listened to that song, and it is really awesome! i want to listen to the whole album now :) i like your taste, Brian
  20. I downloaded the whole album, and it kicks ass! Every song is enjoyable to listen to, I love the guys nows, yeah thanks brian!

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