Extremely satisfied with my order

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  1. I am extremely satisfied with Grasscity. I made an order for rolling papers and an acrylic bong on the 31st of July. My order shipped on the 3rd of August and.... BAM! It was sitting in my mailbox today, which is the 8th of August.

    Total wait? Eight days.
    Total shipping wait? 5 days. Awesome!

    I live on the West Coast of the USA.

    Product is undamaged, looks nice... I'm very excited to use it when I get some herb.

    However, I'm not happy that customs intercepted my package... Everything was extremely discrete and there was no reference to Grasscity on the package. Customs decided to open my package and then post a note on the outside saying, "glass pipe". The handwriting was terrible and the note was not terribly noticeable. It was a white label that matched the address label. Still semi-discrete.

    I will probably buy from Grasscity again. I recommend you purchase here! I know that some people have bad luck with this website... but let me shed some light on that bad news. Everything was a smooth ride for me :)
  2. maybe they wrote glass pipe so they'd take extra caution with it :)

  3. I don't think they would do that :D

    I'm glad everything went alright a few people have had bad experiences with Grass City but that's just because usually if customs intercepts the packidge then they will smash it :( it happens allot and people think it's grass city's fault.

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    It is. Grasscity should either be infiltrating customs or bribing them.

  5. I know but unfortantly it's just not that simple :( they do it to seed banks every head shop that's just the way it is.
    Grass city has no power over what there doing and cant change it at all :(
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    Lol I know man I was joking.

  7. I know man i was more ranitng because it's a shame there's nothing they can do :p
  8. Lucky you ... i made an order on July 11 , shipped on July 12 , its August 17 today and i still never got my package....

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