Extremely low yields? Need advice/help on bho

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  1. So a good friend of mine gave me a huge garbage bag of trim,mostly fan leaf, and told me to make some Bho with it, this was maybe my 6th time making it, but all previous attempts yielded satisfactorily, like a half g for 2 ounces of sugar leaf that had previously been used to make kief, it was still pretty frosty. From the beginning I was disappointed with my yield from his trim, like a couple points per half pound. I knew this wouldn't do, it'd cost me 60 bucks to make a gram! So got smart and spent 2days hunched over my kief box, out of like 4 pounds I got maybe 12-16 grams of dark amber kief, 80 micron or less trichomes, which I then soaked in butane for 10 minutes. Out of all this work I got a measly 2 grams. Does this sound right at all? Am I doing something wrong during the extraction?Sent from my ADR6350 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. dont work with garbage material. lol bho kids think they can blast a bag of poop and turn it into gold
  3. I slaved over that garbage and turned it into dank kief, which is more potent than bud, 12 to 15 grams. I've run everything from top shelf buds to sugar trim, never this low grade material, but it was free Nd gave me something to do I'm asking why the yield was so low. Did I not soak it long enough? I'm thinking of soaking the same kief this time for an hour or more.

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  4. because its garbage! lol Its going to yield what its going to yield.
    Put good in, get good out.
  5. Your telling me the dank amber kief that I got off, that got me BLOWED was garbage? Not how that works man.

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  6. I didnt say your kief was garbage, I said your trim was garbage. AKA Its either been way overly handled, not trimmed well, not grown well, shit it might've been kiefed.... Just cause you yielded some heads off it doesnt make it great trim.
    Seems like most people nowadays dont understand what proper trim is supposed to look like..
  7. Oh ya man I agree it's trash! Mostly fans and shit. It's not that that I'm trying to debate, it's the yield from kief that I'm worried aboutSent from my ADR6350 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. what was the yield with the kief?
  9. 12 to 15 grams kief 2 grams oil knives heated dull red release sweet smoky nectar I am lifted high
  10. Almost offed myself for this one considering I could have just pressed the kief into hash blocks and sold it like that, then BOUGHT almost 3 times the amount I madeknives heated dull red release sweet smoky nectar I am lifted high
  11. ran about 15 and got 2 back? sounds like its been ran already or something. Kief should yield higher than 13%
    what was your tech for extracting it?
  12. Just cause you got 12-15 grams of kief from a box doesn't mean all 15 grams was pure trichome heads.  Half that was prob. useless stalks.  I know the feeling of wishing you hadn't ran something cause of poor yield.  Lesson learned.  I know Jimmy preaches nug only for bho, but I wouldn't listen and had to find out for myself. Now with more experience, To me running trim isn't worth the price of the butane.  Sell it to fools, or save it and run it through bubble bags or screen it.  Conventional hash is still nice to have around.
  13. or make edibles :)
  14. Forgot about that, but def not my thing.
  15. I did a poor man's ice hash extraction, took what I got from that,then dry sifted it with my 70 micron box to get the rest of the matter out,I smoked a bowl of it on some ashes and got STONED as fuck. Probably as much as smoking 3 bowls of my Jack. I took the kief I used and ran it again, this time soaking it for an hour, got another g and a half, So it's getting there at least. I'm wondering if I'm not soaking it in enough butane for a full extraction, basically saturating it to muchknives heated dull red release sweet smoky nectar I am lifted high
  16. [quote name="sapien" post="19459696" timestamp="1391464131"]or make edibles :)[/quote]wish I could,but through some cruel joke, edibles don't do anything to meknives heated dull red release sweet smoky nectar I am lifted high

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