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Extremely long greening out story...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fountaincityman, Jul 3, 2017.

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    Hopefully this extremely long read can prevent someone else from making the same mistake I did. Not all strains are created equal. Just because I smoked 4 bowls yesterday does not mean I can smoke 4 bowls today of a different variety and have the same results.

    So I guess I greened out?

    I’d been stuck settling for brick weed from local vendors before I found a new sourse. Primo merch and fantastic prices. This new product is way way more potent than what I’m used to. I’m guessing I was used to 7-9% THC in some pretty nasty clippings. This new source is getting me big beautiful nuggets with 20-25% THC.

    I smoked one bowl of Death Star and felt nothing. Twenty minutes later I smoked another bowl and felt nothing. Ten minutes later I smoked another bowl and felt the tiniest buzz. I waited five minutes and decided to smoke another bowl to see if I could increase the slight buzz. Then all reality went bananas. I had a comfortable high that lasted like 30 seconds and then I immediately fell off into some dark scary place. I laid down on my bed and the whole room began to spin, I could not lift my arms or legs off the bed without feeling like I would fall over. Time stopped advancing all together. I counted to 30 aloud and it seemed to take forty minutes and my voice was reverberating. My fluffy blanket felt like a big tongue licking the side of my face. The pressure in the room seemed to change like if I was standing next to a passing train.

    My bookshelf would not come into focus, I knew it was my bookshelf but it looked like a bunch of plastic shopping carts sitting on top of each other, instead of books there were cartoon characters and video game icons in the carts. The shape of all objects started to melt into each other and move in a kaleidoscope pattern. I could not differentiate between if my eyes were open or closed; it did not seem to matter because everything was waving and spinning either way. My whole body felt hot. I tried to touch my fingers to one another but they felt like drippy wax. I tried to drink some water and it felt like slurping down jello. I tried to think of my family members names and faces but could only think of their names and not what relationship they were to me.

    My heart was racing, I tried to concentrate on slow breathing but it felt like I was holding my breath under water. My hands and feet were moving my blanket all on their own. My room felt like two different worlds one was the spinning shopping cart wall, but if I rolled over there was a whole other world made up of dark dancing shapes. I did manage to stand and go to the shower and run cold water on my face. I was sure I was having a stroke because it took a herculean effort just to think. I looked in the mirror to see if my face was contorted, but I looked normal.

    I went back to bed and tried to concentrate on naming objects I could see but words would not come to me and all objects were moving and morphing into other objects. My throat was dry and so I drank more jello water. Eventually I found my cell phone, according to my phone 5 minutes had passed since my last bowl; but it felt like hours or days. I started looping through a pattern of behavior where I would sit up, put my feet in my slippers, stand up and turn the bedroom light on. Then I was sure someone would see me and think I was stroking out or having a heart attack and call an ambulance. So I would turn the lights off, lay back down and cover up with blankets which still seemed to be licking me. I would check my phone and no time had gone by; it would take two of these loops through before a minute would pass on my phone. I did this for 30 minutes. Stand up, sit down, cover up, roll over, and check phone. Repeat.

    Now I could finally match the movement of my fan with the noise it was making. Whenever I looked at my fan there was a two-step focusing process my eyes were doing, I would kind of see the fan and then it would come a little more in focus, like a lens zooming in. This focusing process made me dizzy and nauseous. It took several minutes for my room to be focused enough to where I could see the wall and ceiling at the same time, but the dimensions were all screwy. Sometimes my room was huge with several yards between the walls, then other times all the walls would be inches from my face. I kept checking my phone for the time, always surprised to see either one minute had passed or it was the same time as I last checked. If I closed my eyes I saw starbursts and Minecraft characters spinning. At one point I looked at the map on my wall and an overlay appeared with all the locations of my contacts from my phone, the locations were wrong but it did not stop them from appearing and rearranging as if being updated. I must have fallen asleep because I woke up two hours later. I was still fucked up but I could focus on my hands. They were hot and clammy. I could finally drink a cup of water and it felt like water not jello. There was a light outside my bedroom window, but it was frozen in place, for some reason the light did not illuminate my room and it did not reach to the other window. I thought it was the sun coming up.

    At this point I just kept repeating to myself , “This is a bad trip, I need to come in for a landing.” I said, “This is my bedroom and I am now coming back to reality.” I still could barely think and I was sure I had had a brain embolism. Words did not make sense. Colors jumped from one object to another. My green and brown blanket was red and blue for some reason. By focusing on the room fan and counting its rotations I was able to get the two part focusing thing to stop. After another twenty minutes staring at my phone clock, I could stand and go to the bathroom. I went to bed and mercifully fell asleep. I woke up an hour and a half later still really messed up, but I felt only really high not super stoned. I could not go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. I stared at my fan and just kept trying to remember my name and the names of things I saw. The spinning slowed, the kaleidoscope shapes stopped.

    Now several hours later I feel hung over and lethargic. There is a slight ringing in my ears and my stomach is upset. I don't want to be around people because my movements are still jerky and sporadic. It feels like talking takes forever so I'm trying not to speak too much. My left eye is all twitchy. I don’t want to do anything, but I wanted to type this before the thoughts vanished from my head.

    So my advice is if the first two bowls don't get you buzzed, stop and try again another day.

    Is this what is meant by greening out?
  2. Only takes one bowl to get me a comfortable high. I don't have much of a tolerance lol, how long have you been smoking ?

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  3. Last time i greened out I felt neusous if I even moved & ended up throwing up everything I ate, then had the worst hangover of my life.

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  4. about a year, but there are whole months where I don't smoke at all because I can't always find product
  5. So I'm thinking you just got really fucked up. Potent ganja and you're a light weight just put your lights out. It happens. Hell in a light weight and I love it. I'm good after 2 to 3 hits, less if it's a bong rip. I always start with one or two hits if I haven't smoked that particular ganja or I haven't smoked with those particular heads before.

    There have been plenty of times I have smoked to much and needed to walk it off. Just remember that you're not going to OD, die, lose your mind and you'll come down in a few hours. At least enough to function lol.
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    Yeah, I think my THC tolerance went back down and I was a lightweight all over again.

    This experience was way closer to a bad trip on shrooms than what I had ever encountered with herb. I was totally unprepared to trip balls for over 4 hours.

    I smoked two bowls this morning and everything went back to a comfortable high.
  7. I smoke a couple bowls every night and I had something like this happen to me on way less, it was fucked.

    Normally I smoke on my own in my room, but my sister was at home and we were chilling downstairs. I had the end of a joint and she smokes every now and again so we thought it'd be nice to just get a bit of a buzz going. I was chill for like 5 minutes, but then my Mum comes home and things start to go downhill. She's fine with us smoking, but it was the first time I'd been around her high and I think it triggered some kind of guilt complex for me. I remember feeling like there was no such thing as direction - everything looked backwards and there wasn't an up or down or left or right. My heart was going so fast it felt like it was going to explode, nothing seemed real. My sister and my Mum became really sinister presences, and I just sat on my kitchen floor repeating 'I'm so scared'. If I tried to lie down the world would just spin around me and freak me out more. If it hadn't been for the fact my sister had smoked the exact same weed as me I would've been convinced it was laced.

    I guess it was just a combination of smoking in a new environment and around other people? Idk, whatever it was was fucking terrifying.

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