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Extremely late, or depending, extremely early toking! 4:20 . . . a.m.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by infiniteawesome, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Alright, I'm a night owl recently and so instead of doing my toking at 4:20 p.m. like most stoners who follow the whole 420 thing, I have been toking at 4:20 a.m.

    Anyone else have a lifestyle that would commit to this more? Just out of curiosity . . . i'm pretty tired right now (it's about 5:30 am where I'm at) so maybe this won't seem like such a good post come noon or so, but anyways, here it is one way or another.
  2. fuck yeah

    i did that like 5 months ago when I could smoke in my room
    every night for like 5 mnths utnil I got caught

    it was tight, quad of dro every 2-3days , one bong, one room, one man, one plan..
  3. hahha yea man, always a great time. if im ever awake and notice 420am, in my bed or whatever, ill usually get up, rip a quick one and go back to bed. heheh, sometimes ill wake up earlier enough to have a good buzz goin still.
  4. Waking up to smoke and go bck to sleep is so fucking satisfying
  5. lol, if I sleep after I smoke I feel kinda stupid when I wake up cuz I feel like I wasted a high . . . but yes, it also feels very nice to wake up a little baked.

    Those first ones of the day always hit me hard though, and it's usually because I don't go to sleep till i've come down quite a bit (almost not stoned at all).

  6. nah, not a waste of a high, you got to get a killer sleep ;)
  7. i love staying up smoking until you can't even open your eyes anymore, you wake up the next morning and just wonder how you got home or got to bed hahaha
  8. not only that... but I believe sleeping while high is an amazing and satisfying experience. I try to stay away from smoking every night before bed, because I don't want to come to rely on it for sleep, but I smoke every other night or more about 45 minutes before I pass out. Sleeping high lets your mind wander to places you won't forget. It does for mine, at least. If I go to bed stoned I'm guaranteed a dream that lasts me the entire night. I love it. And all the dreams are farfetched and stupid ideas that would never work or fit in real life. Ahhh, Weed. I love it.
  9. wait, you smoked in your room 5 months ago, for 5 months. does that mean you stopped like today? :smoke:
  10. think he meant he did it every night for 5 months -- until 5 months ago.

    which is when he got caught.
  11. Ohhh... I love tokin' at 4:20 am. Before I got jacked by the PoPo and was on U.A.'s and shit I'd come home and smoke from 4:20 pm to 4:20 am...

  12. that sounds like some wired action stoner movie catch line thingy lol lmao


    but back on the subject, i like blaze at 4:20 PM instead of AM because im a social toker , and love being with my friends, plus we all usually have weed so theres hella more than if we smoked our own stuff to ourselves =)
  13. For some reason, I tend to notice it's 4:20 when I'm in the AM's, I rarely notice it's 4:20 or that it's coming up in the PM's. I love smoking at 4:20AM, get nice and blazed, chill until sunrise, then go out back and smoke down as the sun comes up.

    That's about when I fall flat on my face from lack of sleep and too much pot.
  14. when theres nothing that i have to do that day...
    i wake i bake
    i eat i sleep
    i wake i bake
    i eat i sleep
    i wake i bake
    i eat i sleep :)
  15. 5 year old thread bud

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