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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by ancientmutai, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Something very odd just happened, i shall try to describe it as clear as possible and would love to hear if anybody else has experienced this too.
    My friend and i smoked one just, a pretty heavy one, in my garden and we just finished the second one. As we headed back into the house, a very strange feeling spread over my body.
    A tingling sensation which started at my legs and became stronger and stronger. I noticed that my vision started to fade, everything became more and more black. It felt like my blood was streaming from my head to by body, like the blood was going away from the brain somehow. I felt like time was passing by slower while it wasn't, so i started to walk very slow. At the same time i was thinking very fast, can't really remember about what. A part of me realized what was going on, it realized that something very strange was happening.
    My friend noticed this as i started to lose my balance and couldn't see where i was going and he laid me on my bed. I lied down on my back, and slowly my vision came back, my mind became peaceful. A feeling of pure euphoria took over my body. Very calm, very clear of mind, extreme enjoyment and at the same time a very philosophical thoughtstream. I was completely at peace.
    From the moment that i stood up, the vision got blackened again, the tingling sensation came back etc. so i put myself back on the bed.
    I stood up again after about 45 minutes and was fine.
    I don't really feel like it was a negative experience. One of the reasons why i love weed is the suprises it brings :smoking:
  2. Sounds like you were close to greening out (smoked to much)

    Or you had low blood sugar/pressure and when you smoked it dropped even further making you feel the way you did
  3. Do you have blood pressure issues?
  4. How recently did you start smoking? Sounds like you got really high
  5. Yeah bro same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago I packed a decent bowl and after having it I just had to sit that because I started tingling everywhere and vision went out for a bit but when it ended I felt amazing the best 1 bowl of mids has ever made me feel!

  6. I think you understand what i mean, it was an amazing feeling.

    I don't have any blood pressure/sugar issues. I've smoked more before, even stronger joints, but this has never happened before. Something i've learnt is that it's not the quantity that determines your experience, but the atmosphere (and the strain ofc, but even there, i've done more potent strains).
    Something was somehow different this time.
    I've been smoking regularly for about 7 to 8 months.
  7. Your blood pressure and sugar levels fluctuate throughout the day, and cannabis lowers blood sugar

    So if you already had a somewhat low blood sugar (did you eat anything before you smoked?) the extra drop from the cannabis would make you sick with most if not all of the symptoms you described.

    Try not to smoke on a empty stomach
  8. But he wasn't sick, so what explains it?

    What's interesting though, is that this is in the philosophy section.

  9. Not sick as in sick sick, but sick as in not normal (the spins, loss of vision)

    It's weird that you didn't have any other symptoms like nausea or anything
  10. You're right there, i barely ate a thing before smoking. Probably one of the reasons.

    The strangeness was mainly over my body, my mind was sane. I could think straight throughout the experience and at times even enhanced and faster. It was more like i lost 'control' over my body, that my mind was working solo and forced me to lie down so that euphoric, amazing feeling could commence

    Interesting indeed...Somehow felt like it belonged here rather than in the Q&A
  11. The feeling you get from standing up too fast is amplified when you smoke, at least for me and a few others I know. It's a crazy feeling, like 20 times stronger than if you weren't high. Usually lingers around longer too. For me though, its an awesome feeling. Sometimes have to grab on to something during the onset, but after is epic.

  12. Exactly, it felt a little like a prolonged headrush
  13. I have had that same experience many time.. I got really baked one day stood up to go to use the restroom and my vision blured and body got numb and tinggly then i fell and like blacked out for like 10 seconds but after i stayed on the floor for a bit i felt fine..weird

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