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extremely important question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by afghansmoker420, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. so I'm sure there are tons of threads about this but heres mine:
    i am getting drug tested either saturday or sunday ( just a simple cvs bought urine test) today is thursday. i was a very heavy smoker but i have not smoked since last wednesday night. i took a drug test last night by myself and it showed up as barely negative. (the line next to drug was barely visible) i just wanted to know if i continue to drink water the next few days and pee a lot will i pass? any help is greatly appreciated. please no insults or anything.
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    You should. Exercising is the trick though
  3. Dude.... you said it yourself. There are hundreds of threads about this. USE THE SEARCH.

    it will answer any questions you have.
  4. Drinking alot of water, and eating is supposed to help. I did it in like 4-5 days time and passed a clinic piss test
  5. Fuck, man...He could literally Google it and come up with a slew of threads here.:cool:
  6. Here is how you pass ANY DRUG TEST.

    OK ingest 100MG of search function and wait 6 hours drink 10 cups of pointless drug test threads and then take 200MG of the how to pass drug test STICKY !!!!
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    red text

  8. Yeh it was Red so :confused:
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    Is there a reason all of your text is colored. I am the :confused: one

  10. If you want colored text you must slay the dragon and travel east in your quest to find the wizard of marijuana you must stay with him and grow the most potent ganja if he isn't satisfied he kills you if he is satisfied he grants you the power or colored Text.
  11. So it was you that killed my dragon, Carl...You bastard.:cool:
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    Hmmmm, I have work at five. Tonight I guess?

  13. Yo man keep him on a leash next time he was getting all up in ma grill and i bought that grill from a hardware shop and it cost like 10 bucks man :cool:

  14. Yeh tonight's fine man

  15. Now what? :cool:

  16. You have completed the quest. :cool:
  17. This game needs more quests.

  18. Agreed.
  19. Alright don't listen to these people. If it's in a couple days DO NOT EXCERSIZE. Excersizing burns fat and releases the THC into your blood stream. If you have a test in a month then excersize for 3 weeks and then stop for the last one. Also drink a lot of water leading up to it but the key is to litterally try and fucking KILL YOURSELF with water before you take your test. Drink so much water you think your stomach will explode and when you pee it will be clear and you will pee for like 3 minutes straight. I have passed drug tests 1-3 days after I smoked just because of the massive amount of water I drank. Litterally, a gallon ever 1-2 hours no joke..
  20. Oh and sugar, the day of the test eat a lot of sugar and drink some coke or some dark colored soda. Your body will digest the sugar instead of the fat and therefore you will have less THC in your blood stream. Eat some candy all day, drink sodas. Splurge on sugar.

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