EXTREMELY Graphic Photos of Casualties in Bin Laden Raid

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  1. Photos were sold to reuters by pakistani--- so no, osama won't be there because the US took his body.
    Squirt gun probably because children were in the residence.
    Good shooting because if you shot millions of rounds in training you would aim for the head, and not center mass.
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  3. and then we throw his body off the boat.
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  5. Clearly you didn't read my post, when you quoted it twice and linked a bunch of .gif's, and then PM'd me saying I was a bleeding heart. 4chan is that way. --->

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  7. i don't see much brain matter in your posts..

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  9. Neither did I...

    Carry on, ladies and gents.
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    You keep saying that "they hate us".

    The vast majority of Muslims did not support bin laden, and the fact is not a single Muslim country would even take his body when they were asked by the White House. His death has been applauded by all of the Muslim countries.

    It is you who are deluded, and "dangerous", if you believe that we deserve to suffer attacks by such groups as Al Quada, and totally crazy if you think that we should not fight back.

    It's organizations such as the PLO and Hamas that are the old guard of resistance to Israel, and they aren't anywhere near as bad as groups like Al Quaeda - unless I'm wrong, the PLO, Hamas, etc, have never launched an attack against the United States, and we are a staunch ally of Israel. We are also allies of most all of the Muslim countries, do business with them and give them foreign aid - and that is exactly what the Bin Laden's of the world hate - they want to take these empires over and create Islamic theocracies not only in the Middle East, but everywhere in the world - with themselves at the top. There may be some bad leaders that we are in bed with, which is unfortunate, but there's NOBODY, hands down, worse than bin laden and his ilk.

    Glad you think that I'm "dangerous", lol, I don't think so, but whatever everybody's got an opinion.
  11. AMERICA!!! fuck with us and your brains are on the walls & the floor

    Osama clearly wasn't TAYLOR GANG

  12. DUDE!! tht would be fucking hilarious!!!

  13. If you were a Navy Seal .... Not so much if your the one with a hole from a 223 in your head :)
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    Great comment.

    Looking at the pictures you can see these guys never even knew what hit them.

    Honestly us killing Bin Laden or our Navy Seals aren't why our country is great.

    This post is why the U.S. is great. You are free to live here and think whatever you want, even if it is absolutely false.

  15. Read this again boys and girls...
    And again
    And again
    And again

    until it finally sinks in...
  16. dont listen to this man he looks muslim
  17. So I'm guessing these dead guys we're somehow former brainwashed government agents. The helicopter wreckage was fake. Then we hired a foreign media company to spread the news.

    And now our allies in Pakistan are pissed at us because we payed them off to act pissed.


  18. Dude, you are an effing genius! LMAO

  19. They hate us for our freedoms! :rolleyes:

    It would be funny if it wasn't so sad...

    Yes, you are doing them proud.

  20. People really do overthink things when it comes to politics. "The government is doing this just so Obama can run in 2012!!!! AHHH!!!!".

    But ya, the government going against his healthcare plans and things like that was also part of their plan so he can win 2012. Lets just make him not live up to what he told people so he can run again.

    Oh, and all the other conservative people who I am sure are not a fan of him yet still have to work with him let all of his power go unchecked in the system of checks and balances so that he can completely fool the American culture into letting him win again.

    It's not even 2012 people and he hasn't even received a vote yet. Ultimately, all you really have to do is vote against him.

    Just vote Ron Paul! ;)


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