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extremely faint line on drug test... am I 100% clean?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by DIPSCHMIDT, May 7, 2012.

  1. So I just got drug tested the other day. Confident that I would pass with flying colors, I only got a very faint line. And I mean faint... like the faintest possible line that you could consider a negative result. Last time I smoked was 4/20 (naturally, of course) and before that I smoked multiple times. Now I live by the rule of smoking once, your dirty for 3 days. before the 3 days pass and you smoke again, your dirty for a week. then 2 weeks, then a month. Even though I got a really faint line on my drug test and passed by just a hair, does this mean if I smoke that it will be in my system for 3 days then I'm clean again? I'm going to be stuck home all night this upcoming friday night and I want something to keep me entertained. Thanks guys.
  2. If you have a line no matter how faint you pass.

  3. what? no, if you have a very faint line you still failed.

  4. it says specifically on the test "any line, no matter how faint it might be, is a negative result meaning no drug is present." but the main question is, if I do smoke, will I be clean in 3 days?

  5. Depends on your body composition. I'm 5'10" 130lbs. I can smoke Saturday and be clean Monday morning.

  6. I'm pretty big, 6'1'' and around 170lbs.
  7. A faint line on a home test doesn't necessarily mean you're 100% squeaky clean, but it does mean you made it under the cutoff (usually 50ng) for that particular test. Don't listen to anyone who says a faint line is a "borderline" result - the EMIT test cannot infer the level of metabolites in your sample. Either you passed or you didn't. Hypothetically, a more sensitive GC-MS test could still bust you, but that test is very cost-prohibitive and is rarely used outside confirmation of a positive result.

    As for whether or not you can/should smoke again, why take the risk? Personally, I'd rather abstain for a couple more days and be able to go in for my test with the certainty of knowing I'd pass.

    Good luck! I think I have a test this week, so I'm right there with ya.

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