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Extremely cheap bud in Colombia

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AndresB, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Okay so during my 2 month long trip to Colombia (it's only been a month) I recently discovered how cheap bud is over here. I had taken a break from smoking for about 2 months before the trip so I wasn't concerned at all about bud. Okay, so today I'm with my older cousin and his dad and we were riding around, he remembers he has to "re-up on weed" so he calls his dealer. My cousin pulls out a 5.000 peso bill (about $3 USD) the dealer gets in the car and my cousin hands him the bill, and to my surprise the dealer pulls out like 3 grams of some decent mids "crip". We got home and I questioned pricing over here and he says quarters of mids are usually 40.000 pesos or about $22 USD and so on... Might consider extending the trip haha
  2. Funny you mention that. I went to Pereira, Colombia and it was real cheap for "crip" too. It's was leafy and some even had seed. They sold it to use, pre rolled up, with sticks, stems and all lol. Ask for the mountain crip, that's your best odds of getting a nice landrace strain like C Gold.
  3. Haha well I'm staying in Armenia, not the highest grade stuff. But for the price it was definitely worth it. Definitely not schwag. Decent mids. Fluffy green buds with decent amount of resin.
  4. I don't know if they grow it there anymore, but Colombian Red was killer stuff, even better than their excellent Gold, but didn't show up as often and was not cosmetically as attractive as gold.  I don't know how much THC was in it, compared to today's domestic strains, but it was the type of stuff where you could keep getting higher by smoking until you couldn't take any more.   
  5. Yeah, and what surprised me the most was the stereotype of foreign bud is expected as crappy bud. The price and quality surprised me alot.
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  7. Ask around for some "Santa Marta" red or gold weed.  You won't be disappointed.  I was able to get a bag of gold and a gram of their other export for $10.  The coffee is great.  

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