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Extremely Bad Trip, Thought I Was Dead. Need Help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Skwib, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Ok so I have been smoking weed (or used to) for almost 2 years now. Quite some time ago I was at my friends house and I took a really big hit from his new bong, this thing was big and I can't even remember how many perks were on it but I was not prepared for what happened. Right after this really harsh hit i started coughing like crazy and got up to go to the washroom because i thought i was going to puke and ruffly 30 seconds after that I started to get really really hot, and about another 10 seconds after that this really loud ringing sound start going off in my head followed with me feeling like I was on fire. Thinking I just needed to cool off I said I was going to go get some fresh air and that I wasn't feeling good. What happened next is what caught me off guard. Once I walked down stairs into his living room I completely lost control, I began to pace around his pool table for probably over an hour where this one other guy was standing and constantly asking if I was possessed. I started questioning if I really was, and during all this my heart was beating 10000 times a second or so it felt and that's why I couldn't stop moving. After I paces around his pool table I ran upstairs into the room where we smoked and started screaming "get me to the hospital!" In this really weird agonizing this point I was in so much pain I had 100% convinced myself that I had died and gone to hell where I was being eternally tortured for my sins. I don't remember how but I ended up downstairs again on his floor where I was going in and out of consciousness and at one point my friend picked me up and put me on his couch. While he was doing that I thought someone had stabbed me, stuck their hand inside of me and started shifting my entrails. After her had sat me on his couch he kept saying "everything's ok" it this calming tone that really only tripped me out more because it made me think he was satan while I was still being tortured in hell. Anyways after a what felt like an eternity I woke up like 3 hours later sleeping on his couch and everyone was asleep and I was fine. Being the idiot I am I continued to smoke some weed from this guy and the most recent time I smoked being a few months back I experienced another messed up trip that was nearly as bad but has had a continued affect on me since. After I took the hit from that last one I immediately got a headrush so trying I actually couldn't see because everything was white and it gave me this pain in my head almost like an extreme migraine. After that me and my other 2 friends kept tripping out thinking ants were crawling on us (we were in a ravine near his house) and we couldn't stop moving and rocking back and forth. Anyways since that point I have kind of lost all grip on reality and it's made me severely depressed. I have no idea if I have some sort of serious mental illness that was triggered by the marijuana or that it was laced with something but for the past few months now it's almost become an obsession for me to figure it out. I can't even describe to you the pain I went through and how greatful I felt to be alive the next day after the first trip, but ever since the second bad one I have never felt the same and I really need help finding answers so that I can put these thoughts to rest and figure out how to get treated.
    Sorry for the long post but I'm hoping someone here can help me.
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    Weed doesn't make you "trip". Was the bowl pure bud and no tobacco? I think the stuff was too potent, simply put. It caught you off guard.
  3. Visually there was nothing out f the ordinary and it was supposed to be some grade A bud but the smell was a bit off. Me and some of my other friends noticed it smelled a little weird, almost like bleach.
  4. Also this was not just an anxiety attack, that came with it was I was losing consciousness because of how bad it was, I wasn't even responsive and apparently from what I was told I was yelling some fucked up things that I had no recollection of while under the influence.
  5. Sounds like synthetic cannabinoids mixed with bud,
  6. Yeah that sounds like laced  bud man. IDK what to tell you about treatment for it.
  7. For some people, smoking weed can trigger schizophrenia which had been previously suppressed. Some people don't even have the symptoms until they smoke weed. It's not extremely common, but it's also not unheard of. Interestingly enough, certain strains actually help with schizophrenia. You should look into it and ask your doctor, and let us know what you find.
    Good luck and feel better!
  8. Sounds like it was laced. One time I bought some weed from a "friend" in school and he didn't tell me he put angle dust on it....We were hearing all sorts of shit. Weed doesn't make you trip. I've smoked all kinds of crazy weed and the only time I tripped was when that asshole sold me that bullshit. I'd suggest punching his dealer in the face :D

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  9. I don't know if it was laced or not. However, it sounds like it.

    I smoked pot with embombing fluid (i know thats prolly not how to spell it) one time. Didnt know it was laced until it was toooooo late. I had delusions etc..... may have been something similar.

    However the prolonged feelings you are having is merely psychological.. if its been months since you smoked it.. thats not the problem.

    Sounds like stress, anxiety etc. Mixed with just the simple uncertainty of what was in it... anyone can just smoke too much and have a bad trip etc which causes all sorts of things.... (usually nausea and raised heart rate)..... it wears off... but crazy visions etc..... thats either a dream... or overly dramatic description of the incident.. or it was laced..... maybe with salvia, or some synthetic fake pot.... either way.... you are ok.... time will help...

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  10. Thanks for the replies guys
  11. That my friend is not weed... Your shit was had something else in it. That should not be happening from smoking weed.
  12. Like all bad trips let it go and forget about it. You learned a valuable lesson no need to keep revisiting it, that's unfortunate that ur guy did that, but its okay dont let this compromise your mental integrity when you get past the hump you'll be much stronger
  13. Sounds like you have some ptsd after what you thought was a near death experience..the anxiety will go down after a while talking about it with people will help
  14. Welcome to hell buddy! I've been waiting for you.

  15. I know weed had a way of bringing out otherwise dormant metal health conditions but that has only made me start to wonder if I'm just fucking crazy and if any of this is even real.
  16. No matter what anyone says there are three simple solutions to this.

    1: Don't smoke his weed anymore.


    2: Stop smoking bud.


    3: Smoke less weed.
  17. [​IMG]                                                                       [​IMG]
    We are only here to Probe you
  18. I saw a friend of mine have an episode similar to this and it bugged me for a while because thoughts of laced weed filled my head. My friend hadn't eaten enough food or drank enough water and the weed set him over the edge (it wasn't laced). If you were low blood sugar that may explain some of it. 
    Remember, this isn't a plant for everyone. Some people don't click well with it for whatever reason so decide for yourself if it's something you want to keep using. Figuring out what caused your episode is worth looking into. It may be a sign to a hidden health problem so be careful bud.
  19. This weed is so smooth, You dont realize how high you actually are untill its too late
  20. Well if it smelled off that is a good sign that something is up with it. Weed should never smell like bleach and if it does you should avoid smoking that weed! There are countless drugs that people can lace reefer with, and some people just lace it with shit like embalming fluid (that is actually a thing, look it up haha).

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