Extremely addictive personality, cant see things getting better from here on haha.

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  1. ok so a brief bit of cliff notes.

    Been drinking since i was YOUNG, like 8 years old probably. reguarly on the weekends when i was probably 12 or so. Just did that all my life, started tokin recently

    3 months ago i had never even smoked weed once (im 19)

    started smoking weed cuz this girl i was with smoked and i figured its not like itll kill me, plus i can blaze with her. so i didnt even think twice, its just pot, whatever. Ended up doing it everyday on average up until now from the 3 months ago i started because i didnt even compare being sober to being high. BUT even this i know isnt bad, whatever, pot everyday, no big deal, lots do it and are fine.

    Then i decided to try E, took about 5 hits the first time, puked my ass off the next day, feel horrible, but along side the next day effects, i wanna do it again right now. i know i should wait at least 2 weeks, but ill be doign it this weekend again definatly, probably friday AND saturday, then ill try to take a break off of it to keep my tolerance decent.

    Anyway, whatever, pot and E once, no big deal, TONS have done that combo and been fine.

    only thing is, i KNOW ill be trying coke soon, and thats the thing, i havent even tried it, and i dont want to, but i KNOW i will, its just how i am, ever since i started weed ive been lookin for that higher high. Salvia, E, and seems like the next step is coke.

    lets hope i can keep this shit under control haha.

    and yes, extremely extremely addictive personality.
  2. If you dont want to do coke dont do it....

    If you have an addictive personality i would stay away from coke,Opiates,amps and any other addictive substance. But if you are going to remember moderation is key. :rolleyes:
  3. i know, i just knows its gonna be there sometime, and i know ill say f*ck it and do it, and i know lots of people who use and friends who use, and their all the kind of people youd never think use, but thats the thing, they just use recreationally and in moderation. Thats the thing, when i like something, especially a drug, moderation gets pushed down the stairs and locked in the basemet haha
  4. Save yourself some time and jump directly to meth...The high is great...

    Teeth fall out, after long use you will hallucinate, your skin will crawl and you will pick at it, you will suck a cock for that one more hit and eventually wind up in jail or dead...Thats just the downside though...

  5. Haha i did the same thing and i am an 5 year opiate addict.

    Well if you think it is going to come around and you will do it. Do it once and if you think you will get addicted dont do it again. Coke isent really all its cracked up to be anyways haha.
  6. meth and heroin are something ill never a problem with not trying.

    when i think of meth or heroin i generally just get gross ass images the media has portrayed and scanned into everyones mind.

    but i could definatly see me doing coke, thats what im worried about, because i do it, it wont be a one time thing.

    and even sayin this and knowing beforehand about me knowing ill get addicted, i still think ill be doing it in the near future.

    yes i have fucked up priorities i know, its just im totally new to drugs and i am loving everything about it, and all ive done is pot, E and salvia, a part of me wants to try coke but another part, well all of me knows if i do, game over pretty much
  7. haha that was my plan with E, i was gonna try it, and then maybe do it once a month so i could still keep healthy with no/minimal side effects on my brain.

    But as usual, tried it last night, had a beyond epic amount of fun, i didnt even know that kind of happiness and fun level could be achieved. And now im already stoked again to roll this weekend, not exactly the month i planned on waiting haha.

    although i have been telling myself after a good binge roll this weekend im going off for a bit, but..ya know..we'll cross that bridge when i come to it

  8. hallucinations come from the sleep deprivation when people use repeatedly or in very high doses

    not everybody abuses the drug to such an extent

    all the problems you talk about do not come from moderate use

    and you don't have any idea what the drug is like having never used it, I've never needed "one more hit" I am capable of making the decision not to abuse it that much.
  9. I agree E is great :D and it is hard to not do it less then once a month if you got the shit lol. Have fun with the rolls bro but try not to go any farther. Maybe try some shrooms or acid? those are fun also.

    Keep me posted on that lol.
  10. i just like E for the party aspect of it.

    i couldnt see myself being in that same state of mind as i was last night using shrooms or acid.

    Id never do E just to hang out at home or something and be high, id just do it to go out clubbing, and i cant see shrooms or acid matching e's potential for that. but i havent tried them so i dont know
  11. Meth is bad mmmmkay....smoke weed...and stfu...
  12. Every person I know who has used meth more than once has become addicted and now looks like they are barely alive. I respect other peoples opinions but there is no need to make a nasty substance like meth sound like it's not that bad on a website people get information from.
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    what was the point of making this and the other thread. we told you, you shouldnt roll again to soon especially not friday and saturday. but you are gonna do it again anyways so why are u asking? ur gonna regret later down the road but its your body. and why the fuck would u do coke if u KNOW u have an addictive personality.... ur just askin for it

    it should be every 4 weeks between rolls, not 2.

    ummm then dont do coke. cmon man common sense

    but 5$ this kid rolls friday and saturday.... then continues to roll everyweekend. till he has fully fried.

  14. Agreed
  15. Every meth/heroin user has said, at least once in their life, "I'll never use meth/heroin"
  16. yup if u roll 3 days in a row the 2nd day you wont feel shit unless you double up ur dosage and even mabey take another gl
  17. To tell you the truth coke isn't THAT great. Crack is. Don't even think of fuckin with heroin or your life as you know it will end. Being addicted to coke/crack/meth is one thing, you can still function without it, although you might crave it something crazy. Heroin though, if you don't have it, your not doing shit, cuz you won't be able to, it'll be hard enough just to get out of bed being dopesick to go get more dope even though you know it'll make you feel better, that's how horrible you feel. It's like having the a flu that never goes away unless your high or detox.
  18. i have a fairly addictive personality and have never felt any sort of addiction to psychedelics.
    even with weed i only "crave" / think about it for a couple days and then i am good until my next pickup. And even then it is because I am a long time daily user.
    and on top of it all, i have never felt that doing any psychedelic drugs in any way made me want to do coke, crack or whatever. haha

    so i find it to be quite a cop-out to just blame it all on your personality.
    you have to take responsibility for yourself at some point.
    if you decide to try coke, it is because you chose to--not because you have an addictive personality.

    If you feel that you would get addicted and you still do it, then you sir are the only one you can blame when you do end up addicted.

  19. Why don't you just explore more psychedelics?
    how does shrooms, lsd and so on sound to you?

    Those would definitely be a wiser [and more rewarding] path to take if you still want to explore other drugs, but feel you will get addicted easily.

    PS; sorry for the double post.

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