Extreme Wheelbarrowing!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Yujit, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Right. Today me Dr_krapp and stash_up were feeling bored. we decided, as one does, to go on a mission through some fields near our respective houses as it was a sunny afternoon. So after going over hill and dale and many a field and stile we happen upon something that is probably some 12 year olds 'den' or something like that. BUT THERE WAS A WHEELBARROW!!! so, as anyone else would in our position ;) we decided to take it! after missioning it through a field we went to this pond place that krapp and stash_up knew about but I didn't....at the pond what do we see but SUBMERGED CHAIRS!!! so, krapp and stash_up found this long stick and we fished the chairs out and put them in the barrow. Then we took the barrow over a couple of really bumpy fields(taking turns to push the flat wheeled thing) till we get to a stile. yup. a stile. we're there with a rusty old wheelbarrow in the middle of a field with 2 chairs in and a stile to get over. true to style stash_up finds a stick and I come up with a cunning lever plan to get the barrow over...it worked! so, after another field we lug it over some barbed wire and then into our village. yep, three guys and a wheelbarrow with chairs and a flat wheel going down the side of our village. for the kerbs krapp came up witha makeshift ramp to get it over and we eventually get it to our own little derelict railway hut. all in all we spent about an hour taking a wheelbarrow for about 2miles. bumps, stiles, roads, fields. we did it all with EXTREME WHEELBARROWING!

    now thats my longest ever post. enjoy.
  2. lol that ruled, i dont think anyone else can appreciate the funness (word?) :p
  3. hah that sounds fun as hell
  4. Yeah. and now its in a tree thanks to me and stash up :rolleyes:

  5. Yeah. i figured it'd have been done, but as it sed, its in a tree now, so its done with lol
  6. How the hell did it get in a tree?
  7. with the aid of, the railways hut roof, a ramp made of bricks and wood, and stash up running at it all with the wheelbarrow, lol i'll take my digicam down and get a pic tomoz if its stayed up there lol.
  8. hahahaha you guys rule!
  9. yea i really wanna cam so i can film all the mad stuff like that
  10. mauhaha 2 more weeks till the Canon XL-1 is in my possesion.
  11. yeah, a camera would be good to get stuff. but a video camera would be better! it would have been worth it just to see the view from the railway huts door that me and krapp had of a wheelbarror flying through the air thrown by stash_up then denting itself in the ground with a clunk. then it got ramped into the tree. good times :)

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