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Extreme reaction

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Flyin'High', May 17, 2010.

  1. So, today I smoked a few bowls out of my friends new bong. After our 20 minute sesh. I started walking home, when shit started to get really weird.

    I could hear my heartbeat, and feel it, very, very, loudly.

    shit started to slow down, and I felt extremely heavy, as if my bag weighted a ton.

    So when I got home, I layed down, but that just made it worse, I started to go pale and get very sweaty.

    I actually thought I was going to die, but 15 minute's later it went away completly.

    I looked it up, and I read shit about "greening out". Could this of been my problem?

  2. greening out is when someone throws up from smoking more than they can handle. You did not green out. You were just extremely high :D
  3. Happened to me and a lot of people I know. Greening out sucks
  4. No No No...

    This was no regular high. This was an almost unbearable headache.

    Im known for my strong stomach, and I almost threw up, so for anyone else this would of ended in a vomit fit. This has happen before when I smoked hash. I'm guessing its from smoking wayy to much.
  5. Yup, just smoke less. More for later! :smoking:
  6. Sounds like you had some good ass indica.:D
  7. Your reaction to cannabis could be varying because of your prior use/exposure.

    How often do you smoke/how long have you been smoking? If I had keyed 3 bowls from a tube in 20 minutes right after I had started smoking, I would have probably felt a lot like you.

    In the past I have experienced feeling warm, dizzy, disconnected, and physically drained from smoking. My best advice would be to note this and understand your threshold and tolerance.

    The amount that is a recreational dose for individual users varies widely. Sometimes people smoke more than is necessary to reach a desired level. Next time smoke one bowl and wait 20 - 30 minutes and see what kind of effects you have. You'll be peaking then and better able to gauge how much you want to smoke in the future.

    Maybe try to smoke smaller quantities more spread out until you understand how your body deals with differing levels of THC.

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