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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by jtrain252, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. So far I've had this for the weekend and I love it. I love the balloons and I love the whip with the fan on
    Still need to find a good temp I don't know if I'm getting everything out of my bud been vaping at 190c

    Kit I bought came with 2 cyclone bowls 2 balloon bags 2 glass whip/bag adapters 4 extra bags with 2 extra glass tips, the stirring tool
    So far I've packed the elbow and does whips and I've filled the bag on fan 2[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. I got mine a couple weeks ago. I love vaping out of bags, but I'm not super happy with how the machine performs with minimal flower.
  3. Those are really nice I wish I had one I've used one though. It was was really smooth and I could taste all the terpenes in the ghost train Haze I took a hit of.
  4. Elbow pack is about what I use in a bowl ....I just don't want to blow up multiple bags so I shut it off after 1 fill

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  5. If I pack the elbow say 3/4 full I can probably get 2 maybe 3 bags out of it. So it's very efficient but it does require a certain amount of flower for it to run well. I don't use more than 1 bag at a time so the next couple times I use it the taste isn't the best. I don't use my extreme q recreationally so filling it up with flower isn't ideal for my use
  6. Running at 195c when it slows down I crank it to 210

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  7. Flavor isnt a huge concern it's on my my nightstand I can just roll over and hit it lol.
    I put a cork on the end so nothing escapes

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  8. The Eq needs a higher temp setting because the heat sensor is lower in the unit than the cyclone or elbow pack. Look at the vape temp thread and pump up the heat higher than what you are aiming for vape wise.
    (I have used eq for 4 yrs)

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